I thought would be cool if there was a way to create your own alien language in the game and i was wondering what you guys thought.
side note i came up with this idea in school and i accidentally dropped my pencil afterwords XD

not much use gameplay wise unless your encountering an alien civilization and you dont have any translators and even then it would be cool if the translators dont work right (their language might either be too complex or when translated doesn’t make much sense like the orz)

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Maybe we could go the galactic civilizations route for communication. If you can’t understand it says the message “They speak in a strange language that you can’t comprehend” (or something like that) appears. There were no vocals in communication in GC3 just text communication and sound effects when clicking buttons.


it’s nothing special just a fun little side thing to do, it just adds a bit more detail.

i would like it if you couldnt understand the other creatures language or they couldnt understand yours and you’d have to risk saying something to try and hope it translates to them into something good or understandable

The chance, that you for example saying something in some Earth language to a speaker of another language making sense, is extremely low. I would guess that it is even less for different species.

i meant if they had a translator otherwise they’d recognise your not speaking a language they understand and so would you. perhaps you could try and comunicate in someother way i remember in the early version of spore shown at the GDCe (the one i wanted to play) they had the way you communicated to other species was by trying to show patterns of light and sound and you’d try to fnd a combination that shows your peaceful intent otherwise they get worried and attack

How could you make a translator if there is no party who understands both sides? Even something like Google Translator is based on the fact that there exists people who speak multiple languages.
It’s just not possible to make such a thing.

Of course if we assume that a galactic Google Translate existed and one species was so cheap that they didn’t bother hiring a translator. But I think that’s highly improbable as it is very silly.

Depending on how accurately we will depict you learning alien languages, pointing at things and trying to teach the other your words and grammar is the way to go.

ooh thats really interesting man i love the thrive team and their creativity

We’ve been discussing languages in another thread already, so here’s just a little quote o’mine regarding the translation of alien languages. It’s basically the same concept as seen in No man’s sky. The alien language itself (in this case in my quote German) can be utter randomly-mashed-keyboard-gibberish and the translation is gonna be word-for-word, meaning it might not be always grammatically correct, which is alright, as it’s gonna remind you that you are in fact talking to an alien.