Languages and planet naming

I was thinking about it the other day. Let’s say we have an alien species, let’s call it terbak. The terbaks live on a planet called Poliha. But they weren’t the ones who gave it that name, it was us.

There should be some simple language formation system, like, some patterns that you should follow and such. And depending on the planet’s history, that would influence what the names mean.
Discovered in the ancient age? names of gods
Discovered in the bronze age? Name of leaders or gods too idk
Discovered in the industrial revolution? Names drawn from literature, science and gods (again)
Discovered in the space age? technical names

I know, I know, it’s a very small and kind of unnecessary thing, but I would love to see some small things like this in the future, that would make the game more seem more “real”.

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Are you suggesting names of Earth gods? Why would a completely different world have things named after Earth deities?

No no no, the names of their gods, like, we’re going to have religion at some point, right?

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I guess that’s technically doable, then just a lot of work.

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