Large Youtuber made a let's player video of Thrive!

Watch youtuber RIOT have a good time playing Thrive 0.3.4:

Do you guys think he will enjoy 0.4?


Probably it is good that more people are playing thrive

Maybe we’ll pick up some new users from this?

YAY Thrive is really growing, Life finds a way, so does thrive.


Yeah its exciting :slight_smile:

The more people who know about Thrive the more new devs, and faster progress. In other wards i become a evil space empire faster.

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That’s exellent!
Now he will have to do another letsplay with the 0.4 version :stuck_out_tongue:

I essentially want to become the evil empire in thrive With 5 planet destroying superweapons

I wanna be something like the Zorkans, Klum, or the Others on my first playthrough. Life must be destroyed, then we can be the more benign peaceful civilizations who chill out.

If Thrive could get a patreon, the money could be paid to famous YouTuber to play this game? or review it.
or we can make memes a lot of memes of Thrive. if that could become something it will reach pewdiepie.

Do you think that it is more important to spend money on advertising thrive than using money to develop the game? Won’t we get a lot of word-of-mouth advertising if we make a really good and fun game experience? Besides advertising costs a lot of money, I’m not sure, but I think you can only get a couple of thousand clicks for a hundred dollars, so to make it viable we would need to have to have at least like 5 people out of every 1000 who click / see our ads to donate 20 bucks. And these are optimistic numbers, actual prices for targeted ads might be even higher.


Well, I have read all the limitations of putting money, for game development, the problems that are listed on the main website are real.

Hence I said rather then keeping money away from the project, or facing the issues that money bring within the project.

I am not saying to spend money blindly, sponsor those channels that has such audience that likes science and scientific games. Such as sci show and game theory.
These channel themselves rely on donations.

Such channels could bring the exposure needed by thrive community.

And if new developers come, they will come by their own will.

So donations will be used in such a way that more people will know about Thrive, and the expenditure will also be fruitful.

I suggested pewdiepie, as he as a very large viewer base, and I saw many YouTubers copying what he do.
True, word of mouth is Also a way of getting more players and contributors .

What I am saying is, put the word in such a mouth that everyone starts talking about it.

If still in doubt, do a poll here, and we can decided by what majority has to say about how the money should be used.

dude, why the triple posting? you can just edit your original post.


I am in a place where I shouldn’t use my phone, so I wrote in haste. Will be careful next time.

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Dude if we want to make thrive well known we just have to turn it into a meme
Suggest format ideas or whatever IDK, but just don’t make it into a currently existing meme format variation is has to be original, then we send it to all the reddit pages we can find
the joke can involve a person not knowing about thrive and getting interested as to what the hell Thrive is so thus they’d find it

I remember when CELLS THAT LOOK LIKE REAL CELLS (anyone remember that other trailer?) were a huge deal way back then. We have really come so far.
Also yeah, it’s really nice to see some fella play Thrive, since it obviously needs an actual playerbase to survive.


DangerouslyFunny made some videos playing Thrive some months ago:

They both have a lot of views.