Legend of the Thriveling (Thrive with Lore)

I desired for a version of Thrive with lore, or at least a mod for it, so I decided to make a forum game for it. I was inspired by the History of the Spore Universe forum over at the Sporum. This is different from other evolution forum games, because you are not all controlling individual species, but are looking after a single species: the Thriveling. You are also controlling the story and environment in each and every turn, and you can decide time period names.
The goal of this game is to make a illustrious Thrive playthrough with lore 10 times (minimun) deeper than that of Spore. You must evolve it towards its ascencion at any costs, even if he has to change to a different species. There will be a surprise right before you do…
There are some guidelines:

  • No Spamming or randomly changing stages
  • Keep your posts continous from the previous
    *You must wait for at least 5 posts to continue the story (to avoid
  • To make this fun, you can add your own creatures/civilizations/planets or integrate this with other as long as they share some history or interact with the Thriveling.
  • I will be in charge of overall story, stage changes, lore exposures, and evolutionary history.
  • If you want to point anything out, or anything offtopic, just use “Chronopass” in your post.
  • You should be specific about how the Thriveling and the universe around him evolves.
    *If and when an important event happens, or the Thriveling evolves, State at the top how much time has passed durring each gen.
  • They will also be listed as the beginnings of new time periods.
    Now that we’ve got everything covered, Lets begin!

In the darkness, inorganic monomers jumbled around under intense heat. There was not much going on from a human perspective. But there was something lively about these, being tiny combinations of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Nitrogen. Normally they would loose their atoms and gain new ones to form new or the same monomers. However there was born a strange energy within this primordial soup. It started with a pulse, stayed dormant for a few second, then began to grow. The surrounding monomers responded interestingly. Then, an astonishing event happened…

Got it? For every post, you should be able to see where the story is going and continue it. But as the rules state, don’t randomly change time or stages. Keep posts related to the previous, so there is continunity. Make this story have heavily developed lore, so it is a fun challenge.

Without Further ado, let the Legend of the Thriveling

ill join

the monomers (nucleotides) started to stick together and formed RNA, and after 190 million years of mutation and change, the very first living organism, the thriveling, appeared in the waters of planet Nelonia, it was a simple unicellular creature, not able to move on its own, it simply stays in its place feeding on the chemical soup and relying on ocean currents to push it from place to place.

after 410 million years, lots of new species appeared and many of them evolved the ability to move and one of them was the thriveling, creatures were diverse and the oceans were filled with cells, but disaster striked as food became scarce and this caused massive extinction event which killed off 72% of species, but life found a way and survived the extinction.

300my later life made a recovery from the disaster and simple photosynthesizers appeared on the scene and an oxygenation event came 500my after them causing yet another mass extinction event this time killing about 83% of species, the 17% that was left became either resistant to oxygen or became aerobic.

420my pass and the thriveling became the first eukaryote on Nelonia after absorbing a mitochondrion-like cell.

WOW. I didn’t expect anyone to play. Well, i won’t stop it. You can Continue.

No. You need to wait for 5 posts from other players until you can post again. And you already broke that rule, so the game resets. I need someone else to continue the story. And hopefully they’ll be more explicit about the actual experiences that the Thriveling has. Thankfully, i posted the site on Discord, so maybe then join.

almost imidatly! (500 thousand years (Plus or minus)), it absorbs a new cell. This odd, prokayriotic cell, converts electromagnetic radiation, oxygen, water, and other substances into glucose. After accidently absorbing this new cell, Thrievling now can produce it’s own glucose, which it can use to make ATP. Now that multiple substances can make glucose, food is easier to come by, almost all corpeses providing it, even after other species take the useful glucose, and leave some of the rest behind. Now, Thriveling does quite well, one might even say it is Thriving!