Lets figure out Thrive 0.4.0 guys

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OldSchool build

Category: Start build
1st - 1 flagella, 7 cytoplasm
That’s me:
Expectations: Since the last run was kinda broken, I expected this run to be much harder, because, while I increased in size, my idle ATP consumption went from 3 to 11. On the other side, I became much larger, so I guess I’m the hunter now.

Review: Aaaand… that was kinda the same thing. Size and max resources capacity went up, but I still managed to get to the next evolution even before my cell grew even once (in, like, 30 seconds). Therefore, this build is just as broken and it feels just as no-evo run. And I just dont get why.
Also, I was, like, two times as big, but my max hp was still 100
Can somebody please explain to me how cell growth and reproduction works now? And how max hp is calculated.

Grade: 9/10 broken, 0/10 unique.

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So to duplicate an organelle you need 1 phosphate and 1 ammonia, and nucleus takes a bit more. HP is 100 for all cells now for balance. What we need to do is make the cost for osmoregulation much larger, if you ahve any balance suggestions we are willing to listen :slight_smile: /

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Might I suggest trying builds that provide a new (if somewhat challenging) way to play, eg the hummingbird build, which is harder but more fun and challenging.

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I dont want to give suggestions right now, I want to collect some more data and think about the results. Now I can only say that the game certainly doesn’t feel right atm. Maybe I will come up with something by Monday.

About challenging builds - that is exactly the thing I’m talking about. You are supposed to evolve in order to make the game easier, not more challenging. And I feel like everything needed for that is already there, but core gameplay needs some love

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Its fun though right?

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Well, different people have different expectations from the game. Some a more creative and they like the opportunity to create their own organisms and play around with them.
I, on the other hand, wanted to dive in the concept of evolution and natural selection. Right now the game is not fun for me personally. I think I’m in minority, but I wanted a balanced evolution simulator, and v0.4.0 is not there yet

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With all due respect, we never claimed this version was in any way balanced, just that there were more features that made it more fun. We understand your frustration and will definitely be looking at balance moving forward.

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I am not frustrated at all, I didnt expected the game to be balanced. This is the reason this thread exists at all. I think it is a community job to balance the game, devs dont have time and resources to do this.


I agree its hard to balance everything with only a few tests run by devs also we want them creating more for us to play so I feel as though I’m helping off load work unto us so they can work more on bug fixes and new features ( I have to note that my Thrive has been running for over 2 hours with no problems, I think this is a great updated version) Also I gave Hastae Calvitium its rating

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is time to play!
lets try this.

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how do you start 4.0?

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Thanks, playing the game and giving feedback is really helpful. I agree the game isn’t challenging at the moment and almost all cell builds are viable (so there’s not much reason to evolve) and there is not a huge amount of danger from other cells. The game is in quite a relaxing creative mode atm.

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I cant play the game so i dont have a build

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i should be done downloading soon, thanks to @Colt44.

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Huh, it must depend on the other cells. My 2 failed playthroughs both had an aggressive engulfer.

Also, it may not be the best thing to start balancing already, since every time you’ll add something new, everything needs to be balanced. For example, if the cilia are added, they might have a pretty high ATP requirement, which would require stronger mitochondria, which would then require more agents, etc. But yeah, I agree that the game is ridiculously easy, but I still see it as a fun game, it’s very relaxing


I agree the game has always seemed like a relaxing evolution simulator. So if you had a stressed out day come play some thrive. I do agree that balancing can’t really be done until the whole stage is considered done, but by playing and documentation we can hopefully make it easier for the devs to create new features that or more closely balanced

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Chloroplast build

Category: Start build
1st - 1 chloroplast, 6 cytoplasm
Me being eaten by some bad boys.

Expectations: Ok, another start build. I expect this to be kinda like all the previous builds, but with a chloroplast. I think it would be a 8-9/10 on broken scale

Reality: Well, I was totally right, it was just as easy. I will probably stop doing start builds because I cant see the difference between my cells. Change occur over time, they say.
I guess I did a bad job explaining why it is so easy, so I’ll try to give some analysis on the subject:

  • First of all, the biggest problem atm is cloud collecting. This is what makes all these builds OP. You only need a colud or two and you are ready to evolve.
  • Second thing is that resources are not contested at all. Other cells are dangerous, but I only see one or two before evolving.
  • Number three is the auto-evo, which works once every 10 minutes. That means that the game supports fast players. And there is nothing wrong with that idea, but atm if you evolve fast, other cells just stay the same as well.
  • Number four is victory condition. Right now you just have to survive for 15 generations, and that is easy.
  • Number five - you are spawned in the place where you have entered the editor. That seems unimportant, but that means that finding a huge cloud means 2-3 free evolutions
  • I guess that’s all for now.
    I would give this 10/10 broken, now you can’t even run out of atp

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The reason I think it is important to balance the game now is that the game needs a balanced core to add new stuff to.

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Considering the fact that I can’t even see clouds due to graphical tidbits, I’m relying on bacteria nomming.

It’s much, much more fun than nomming clouds. And easier.

I’ve also noticed that bacteria are more nutritious than eukaryotic cells, which probably shouldn’t be the case.

Edit- It’s probably because bacteria use the compounds they pick up less. Not moving as much, n all.
Also, here’s the last generation of a cell I made before Thrive sudoku’d-
I named it Chadaxia Apex.

Edit 2- I’ve noticed, with the new system of how AI do, that bacteria are clumping together due to thinking that they are the food of one another. I’m not complaining- free food!

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Bacteria nomming is even better with visible clouds, since every dying bacterium “pops” in a cloud of compounds, and taking out a pretty big group with them makes it look like you’re popping popcorn. It’s amazing.