Lets figure out Thrive 0.4.0 guys

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Double negative; means that it does something.

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Sorry, not a native speaker, sometimes I forget things like these

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Actually, I can already see some interesting tendencies with the early game builds.
At this point there were only three builds that scored lower than 8. There is one thing uniting these three cases - every one of them is hard, because the cell can’t produce ATP fast enough, or can’t keep up with it’s glucose consumption.
I think we won’t find any build that has no problems with atp or glucose, but is still hard to play.
Assuming I’m wrong and we actually manage to find such a build, we need to overanalyse that particular build
Assuming I’m correct, we need to find a way to fix this asap, because this is really bad for the game on multiple levels.
I think that some of the things proposed by me will help with this situation, but I don’t know if this is enough.
Probably some further compound rebalancing should be made. Probably, instead of decreasing the density of all clouds, only phosphates and ammonia should be decreased in quantity

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But… But… the nitrogen fixing plastic creates ammonium…
Also, I think this organelle would be, just like the chloroplast, way better if the game would have reached the point where compounds clouds don’t randomly spawn en masse, since they’d be the only way to obtain ammonium/glucose without having to kill other cells / spend way too much time scavenging.

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Yeah, i meant ammonium. Thanks for pointing that out.
Also, you made a good point. I really like the idea of diminishing resources, but I feel like you’re given too much resources even from the start. Maybe the amount (or density) of clouds should drop after your first evolution and gradually decrease afterwards

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I had this bug only once, but it crushed my eyes, for the game took 20 minutes after this bug to crash. When returning to my desktop, I couldn’t see any color but red… .

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Yesterday I had another idea on rebalancing the game.
Right now most of the organelles aren’t worth their atp cost and that is the reason why all-around builds or simplistic builds are OP.
I think half of the organelles should be heavily buffed.
So, here are my thoughts:

First of all, flagellas are pretty much useless now, so, let’s fix that

  • Base movement speed decreased from 2 to 1.5

  • Flagella gives twice as much speed - these two changes should make player cell slower and, since pc cells often have flagella, you either have to get one as well or find a way to defend yourself. And having a flagella means increased atp cost which means that you need to deal with it

Second thing is that NFP is useless for its cost.

  • NFP gives two times as much ammonia
  • NFP cost decreased by 10 mp - first change is obvious, the second one is more interesting. If NFP’s cost is 70, that means that you can take a flagella or vacuole on remaining 30 mp. First of all, that is another flagella buff, and vacuole can be useful as well, considering NFP means slower gameplay.

Well, that’s it for now. Later, I’ll start the journey to find the “wasted energy” build - build, which has no problems with ATP or glucose, but is still hard to play. Stay tuned

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Glucose factory build

I have tried to make a build that’s all about balancing the ATP production and consumption. I don’t want to add anything but that.

1st evolution - 2 cytoplasm, cloroplast, mytochondria.

Me and my buddy Joel

First of all, gameplay has become much slower. My cell was slower and I needed more resources. Other than that, I had no trouble getting to the next stage - other cells weren’t hunting me for some reason.
8/10 for now, but I fear that auto-evo can cause me some trouble later.

Also, that happened and game crashed:

[INFO] Species_2974 population is now -657

On my second run these guys showed up:
They are the reason this run was much more difficult.
I heard that devs want to make all species start as a single hex of cytoplasm. To that I say “Yes, please”.

Evolution 2: 1 NFP, 2 cytoplasm
Evolution 3: 1 NFP, 2 cytoplasm

Sooo… I think I have got the most useless set of organelles possible yet even the huge guys was not a big deal for me. I was still fast enough to outmaneuvre them.
And this game is so much more engaging and interesting, if you’re take your time and stop rushing to the next evolution. I was really glad I have tried it. But the most efficient strategy is speedrunning the hell out of the game. I feel like we should change that.
This build receives 8/10, it was easy, but slow. And that kinda proves my point.
A-and… this was my only idea on how to make a useless glucose factory. If you have any, share them with me.
For now, I think we have figured out enough. I want to thank Colt44 for helping me with this little project of mine.

Now, we can do something cool with the results…

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a very efficient body plan.