Lets play a game. Kind of like DnD, but not really

Hey everyone, ive been a bit unactive for a bit, but now that the holidays are opening up ive decided to do something on here when i can.

this is basically a choice game. your actions dictate what happens blahblahblah. but since this forum is made out of numerous people. the choices will be decided by polls. and if these polls get tied ill use a dice to see what option is chosen. and similarly to other forum games ill use dice to determine certain things:

You awaken from your bed. Your name is

  • Alex
  • Ari
  • Casey
  • Kennedy
  • Other

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and you are a

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Other

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The damp air fills up your lungs. you can almost just feel the mustiness of the air with your hands. Just a few seconds after waking up you hear a knock on your door. Its your mother. Her eyes are devoid of life and her body is eerily bouncing up and down contrasting her eyes.

Hello child of mine. Be a sweetie and fetch me some juicy tender slime from the perfectly positioned forest in our backyard.

What do you do?

  • Accept her offer
  • Decline her offer

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Good luck fellas. and dont die.

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Just realised i posted this in other creativity and not forum games.


can a moderator move this?

I moved to to forum games

You accept her offer and enter the forest. The fresh air fills up your lungs and you feel much better.

After taking a few more steps into the forest. you notice a big fat green blob. Its amorphous green body has taken the shape of the decaying boar corpse below it. It seems like its in the middle of a meal. It doesnt seem like it has noticed you.

what should you do?

  • Charge at it
  • Ambush it
  • Sneak away
  • flee
  • ignore it and try and find other easier targets

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You rolled an 8
Just to clarify:
1=complete failure with something horrible additionally happening
2-5=complete failure with something bad additionally happening
16-19=Success with extra benefits
20=Perfect success with major benefits

Also: Equipment/inventory

Health: 20/20

Head: None
Chest: Simple fabric shirt
pants: Simple fabric pants
shoes: Simple leather boots

Weapon: None

Inventory: None

certain choices come with certain benefits. but none in this one did.

You lie in wait. Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
As the an opportunity arises. You leap out of hiding and charge.
With your Bare fists you attempt to strike it down.
Your hit misses and the slime flees. leaving behind a trail of foul smelling mucus

  • follow the slimes trail
  • inspect the boar corpse.
  • Go try and find another slime.
  • Give up and go back home.

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upon closer inspection you notice that the boars head was crushed by some sort of blunt weapon.
inside its body you notice a fleshy green material. It seems the slime was to distracted to reabsorb all of itself

Obtained 3 Slime flesh
With your task already finished. you. . .

  • Return home
  • Run away from home and abandon your mother
  • explore the forest some more.
  • try to follow the slimes trail

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Bye mommy :sob::sob::sob::sob: โ€ฆ

mom was kinda weird!

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You know that something is bad when you have that option

Ok, i want a backstory as to why that IS an option.

in a good game you slowly figger it out.

the answer is very simple.

Why not?

What type of story is this?

I want answers!

Honestly im not really sure myself. weโ€™ll just have to see where it ends up.


Sounds good to me, but it does have that weird DnD vibe.

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