Lets play thrive! but on the forums?

Aight so ive finally came back from the dead and am feeling interested the idea of playing a simplified version of thrive on the forums:

This is Luca. while not the literal Last universal common ancestor of Thecypso. its descendants will one day evolve to rule Thecypso

Now then. lets talk about how we play this game:

How to play

every round you are given 10 evolution points (EP) these evolution points can be used to evolve your cell by giving it certain traits/organelles which buff your species stats and gives it passive boosts

The more/less successful your creature is correlates to how many evolution points your species has. if your creature is doing well, it means there is less evolutionary pressure being put on it, meaning that instead of 10 evolution points it gets 9, whereas a species that is not doing great will be given +1 evolution points! it caps at 6 evolution points and 14 evolution points. these additions of points are known as evolutionary pressure points

these evolution points stack! however only half of your saved evolution points are stacked through each round. meaning that if i have 10 Evolution points, spend 6. the next round i will get 10+2 EP. with the addition or subtraction of evoutionary pressure points

If this sounds complicated and vague, don’t worry ill do all the math and tell you how many evolution points you have left to spend! all you need to do is simple subtraction to find out what organelles you can buy

Your basic goal is to create a species that will THRIVE

Your species has 4 major stats in the cell stage:


Size determines how big/small you are. every cell starts off at Size level 1, but with the addition of certain organelles this can be increased. your cell can then absorb other cells that is 1 size levels below it, for eg a level 3 cell can eat a level 2 cell or a level 1 cell, however it cannot eat other size level 3 cells or higher. Size acts as a sort of vague attack/defense stat

Speaking of attack stats. the attack stat does exist. it allows you to ignore size levels, meaning that a size level 1 cell could take down another level 1 cell if its attack stat was high enough, maybe even a size level 3 if it is high enough.

defence stats act as protection to attack and size. every defence stat is like a level up in size level, however this only works one way as it does not allow the cell to eat cells larger than it light attack stats, it only protects the cell.

speed stats are for mobility and manueverability. the higher your species speed, the higher chance it will find food and survive, and the higher chance it will excape predation. however unlike defence which guarantees protection, speed does not.

Dont worry if this is sounding complicated. once you start playing you will get into the mood and start understanding.

As of now, we are at the cellular stage, certain organelles are locked off until your species fufills certain criteria:

now then here is the list of current organelles.

feel free to suggest certain theoretical organelles.


Bacterial cytoplasm:
cost: 2 EP
size: 1 square

Cytoplasm increases your species size. every 5 cytoplasms is a step up in your size rank.

Bacterial flaggellum:
cost: 4 EP
size: 2-3 squares

Similarly to the eukaryotic flaggellum, the flaggellum acts as a form of locomotion, giving the cell more control over where it moves. this increases your species speed by 1. This has to be placed on one of the 4 sides of the outside of your cell.

Cost: 6 EP
size: aesthetic change

The capsule is a thin film that covers your cell. it gives your cell +1 defense.

cell wall:
Cost: 4 EP
size: aesthetic change

The cell wall is a strong wall that covers your cells cell membrane +3 defence -4 speed

Generic pili:
Cost: 3 EP
size: aesthetic

Flimsy protrusions that do nothing without the aid of other organelles/traits.
No buffs

cost: 3EP
size: aesthetic

floating pieces of genetic material that do nothing without generic Pili
No buffs

When certain organelles are together, they can sometimes behave diffrently. . . only hint im going to give you for 1 such combination is Plasmid + pili = +1 EP every turn :wink:

well thats not all the organelles ive thought of, its just simple ones for the first round.
now if you’d like to play. feel free to ask me and ill gladly let you play, each player is able to have 1 species to evolve, but as we go through big stage changes like the change from prokaryotic cells to eukaryotic cells, you will be allowed to make another species!

well. . . the starting stats are as follows:

species name: lucas

Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 0
speed: 0

With my 10 evolution points i will spec into. . . a capsule and 2 cytoplasms!
my new species will be called:

Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 1
Speed 0

in the harsh waters, a stronger more resiliant form of lucas has evolved. itss name is LuKa and it has a capsule protecting it

I will be the on drawing these creatures, and due to their simplistic blocky nature. it wont be as time consuming as my other speculative evo games haha.

I want to play please.

Alright, what changes do you want to make to lucas?

You have 10 EP what do you want to spend them on? If you want to arrange/shape your cell a certain way just tell me how you want to shape it and ill do it!

I will add a flaggellum , pili and a plastid.

May I join?
If so,

  1. Capsule
  2. Flagellum

Deep down in the seas of thecypso, a new species is born.

Name: (unknown)
Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 0
Speed 1


Deep down in the seas of thecypso, a new species is born!

Name: (unknown)
Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 1
Speed: 1

My species name will be Luvia.

We have had 3 new species born! I think its time for a recap:


As the oceans cool, seismic vents near the ocean floor spew out nutrients which bacteria feed on.
3 new species have been born from the original cell, Luca:

LuKa, Luvia, and (???).

I wonder what these cells will evolve into?

Next round!

Your species Luvia is quite sucessful, its ability to exchange plasmids has helped diversify the genepool, however because of its success it is not under much evolutionary pressure:

your species dominance is now at lvl 1/10

You have 10 EP to spend

Your species is quite sucessful due to its flagellum, it is able to manuever and swim through clouds of chemical soup. this weakens its evolutionary pressure:

Your species dominance is now at 1/10

You have 9 EP to spend

My species is quite successful, just not as much luvia and (???) it doesnt have many defining traits. This weakens evolutionary pressure

my species dominance is now at level 1/10

You have 9 EP to spend

Im gonna go to bed soon, so if you want your creature done now, feel free to submit before i leave.

My species will be Lavus and

  1. 5 cytoplasms in arrowhead formation at fresh net of creature

what do you mean by fresh net of creature? do you want your front to look like an arrowhead? is that what you’re trying to say? sorry its a bit hard to convey meaning through text like this haha

Sorry meant front of creature. Also I can only get 4 cytoplasms

ill try to organise it in a way that its still arrow like in appearance!

as a lone cell swims across what seems to be a vast ocean, it splits, and with this splitting marks the next mutation/evolution of lavus!

Name: Lavus
Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 1
Speed: 1

you had 1 spare EP which was discarded

I’ll add a capsule and keep the rest of my points.

as thousands of years pass, Luvia evolves!

Name: Luvia
Size: 1
Attack: 0
Defence: 1
Speed: 1

You had 4 Spare EP

2 were discarded, the other 2 are being stored.

I think we need more organelles.

Yes, like cilia, predatory pilus, etc.

  1. Plasmid at front of creature
  2. Pilus
  3. 1 cytoplasm and
    save the rest

I think i join
Name: Sacul
3.Flaggellum Again

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