Let's talk about War, Weapons and the like

I was wondering about how exactly the design of weapons should be handled, since we probably can’t just model a few swords, axes and be done with it, when a plethora of strange creatures shall be able to use them in a meaningful way, not only considering their vastly different anatomies, but also the environment in which they would be used. Weapons would need to have very different properties below or above the surface of the ocean, although civs from both sides could research atleast rudimentary ones. Similar questions arise for the domestication of creatures for military purposes: While I can somehow imagine a chariot being not to big of a problem (after all it is just a fancy, simple plattform pulled by something in its front, connected by some reins) how on earth shall we handle the animation of some bizarre amalgamation of whatever parts we are given in the editor riding on another creature, whose only known property is that it is bigger than its rider?

If anyone else has any questions or ideas he would like to add to this theme, like the possibility of breeding beasts of war or just building up armies of different, specialized soldier castes of your own species equipped with natural weapons (great, now I made myself want tyranids…), feel free to add them here.

I remember the devs saying that after awakening you can no longer evolve because of the time skips but will we be able to genetically modify our own species to make super solders and if our species already has solders like ant drones separate from the others of the species could we make it so only they fight and the others don’t same with the super solders.

War is quite a complex thing and should definitely be with care.
The more technologys available the more complex war becomes.
Just look at us humans nowadays we still have battles but there is far more going on than just the fight. So much more