Lets talk underwater civilizations (kill me)

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New solve!

Ever heard about Phosphor and Natrium?
Phosphor continues to burn underwater and Natrium, even better, goes up in flames if it comes in contact with water. So fire is no excuse for not making underwater civilizations. They are completely possible up to Society stage. If Phosphor and Natrium are both present in the environment a species can discover fire and control it. Natrum lits the Phosphor, and maybe there are rich Phosphor reservoirs around. I need to go to Breakfast now, bye.

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huh, neat.


Wouldn’t the natrium have already burned billions of years before there is an under water civilization to use them?

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And thus, the underwater civ begins their dangerous journey onto land for the rare, natrium


But before they can return to the water they need to make waterproof containers for the natrium. And if they can’t find any natural way to make a watertight container (maybe if their planet has coconut type plants they could) they’ll need to smeltall the metals on land to make a container for smelting the metals underwater… Huh? it’s almost as if it is easier at that point to just stick to doing metallurgy on land…

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Well it would be an extremely long cycle of hot potato until they finally smeltal a water proof suit to smeltal other water proof suits

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smelting will be inposibl under water do u know what hot things do to water the water civ will be stuck in tribal

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For the Natrium being burned out before, there can be air filled underwater caves with natrium. And when a Phosphor torch burns, it burns. It just needs to be β€œfeeded” with more over the time.
For the Hot water problem, well. I think there is a solution and we can find it. If we find it, there is nothing in the way for underwater civs.
I’ll be back

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no hot water is noting i mean the vialent splashing and bubeling that will kill the blacksmith

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Yea, but that bubbling isnt a problem when cold water surrounds the hot water, as well as splashing

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmb02fJ_xbk watch this and also the water will cool evriting so they must smelt on the surface

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Look, under more or less earth like-conditions, there is basically zero Natrium in its reduced form anywhere. And even if something as statistically impossible as an air-filled cave with an unreasonable amount of Natrium would form, it still would react with the humid air and oxygen and become useless in a few years at most, and something similar happens with phoshor. I can understand, that you really, really want an underwater civ beyond the tribal stage, but let’s not throw chemical rules out of the window to achieve this. It is just not possible without either requiring technology far beyond what a pre-metal society could hope to achieve, or some form of amphibian movement.

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The only was i see under water civs forming is if an land civ helps them

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Lets just uplift them

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Who said we need meltal?
We can just sit in the stomachs of amphibious creatures that will take us onto land, so we can retrieve the fire stone and smeltal a meltal

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Thats not a bad idea, but we might get digestive in their stomachs.

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when u throw up that pain that u have on the back of ur mouth is what the creatures will feel (just get over it no aqua civ)


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but how do they build the medival robots

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Neat (testing if email replies work)