Lets talk underwater civilizations (kill me)

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Only above a certain pressure, if they smeltle the meltle in the deep they could avoid that.

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But the creature will get squished


I was reading a post unrelated to underwater civs and then suddenly:


There are sea creatures on Earth that have adapted to enormous pressures and live really deep underwater.

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But if i was to put a shark in the abis what whoud hapen

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Depends on the type of shark, if it’s not suited to deep sea life it would implode from the pressure.

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But a deep civ is again inposibl cuz the biomas is to low

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This thread has descended into chaos

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I know some people cant get over it

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Do you mean biome or biomass, because neither of those options makes any sense.

The problem with deep sea civs is that even if they have adapted to the deep sea and the heat of a underwater volcano, the pressure would destroy anything they make.

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The bio mass is too low its moustly baren and yeah it whoud crush swords

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But not creatures, as some couldve adapted to those pressures.

Ever heard of the frilled shark?

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What did I mention earlier? There is the possibility to make fire underwater._.

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This thread is close to getting locked if the further replies aren’t at least 10 characters long and have facts to back them up.

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@hhyyrylainen close this its just people inventing magic for something that is chemically impossible

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@KikyGames, no, stop that. We’re just trying to figure something out here.

Don’t ruin our dreams.