Life beyond

This a link to a video I often use to motivate myself and excite myself for Thrive. It’s about the possibilities of how Aliens might look having evolved in different environments. The production value is really high. Thought I’d share.


I know that video, the animation are impressive ,and open mine to type of life.

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Hey look, it’s nunz. Yeah, that series is great.


I discovered that one on my own a few days ago and absolutely loved it, then I bumped into the alien biosphere series by Biblaridion and id recommend it to those who like- ok, I don’t have to describe what a Thrive fan is to Thrive fans.


I’ve seen that video and it was fantastic, I loved every part of it, from the visuals to the narration, the presentation, the topic, etc

I especially like the part where they explore what life as we don’t know it could be, I feel like there’s a lot of room for speculation there and that there’s a lot of mystery surrounding it

(Also I cannot grasp the insane amount of effort and painstaking hard work it must’ve took to animate that entire documentary for thirty minutes, and each frame is absolutely stunning, the creator of the video deserves all the praise he gets)

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My dream for the project is to one day have somebody watch that video and think “that looks like Thrive”.


What if nature has other ideals?

Underwater civilizations!