Loading screens

As of now I don’t think Thrive has any loading screens, which I can’t imagine for much longer, being how much time it will need to load. So anyway while we are waiting for mitosis or to hatch why don’t we make our own (unrealistic as :belgium:) loading screen messages. This thread has the same rules as similar threads such as the achievements thread. Some of those rules and the ones specific to this thread are as follows:

  1. Before the screen tell what stage this will be for or if it would work for all of them
  2. Try not to double post
  3. Have at least three ideas to not waste space

Note: it is highly likely that none of these will be in game and because I am a measly civilian not a developer I can’t work any of that magic

What if, instead of a static image with a game hint or something, loading screens could sort of be “masked” with a small looping clip of , for example in the tool creator, a little dude sharpening an ax. I’m trying to go for a Ratchet & Clank 1 look. What do you think?

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Maybe the disturbance? They are the poster child of thrive after all…

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Agreed, however I am of the humble opinion that if players see it literally whenever they evolve I think one of two things will happen.

  1. Players begin to wonder why their creature doesn’t look more like this (stupid, I know)
  2. Players begin to subconsciously attempt to alter their creature to physically match the disturbance or whatever image could be on the loading screen
    Which is why I’m of the opinion that a short message or a looping animation, or both would best suit new and old players

Note: I have no grudge against who made “The Disturbance”, it’s an amazing artwork

Do you have any data to back that up? I have only my anecdotal experience to weigh in on this, but I haven’t felt like I need to mimick such things. Sure if there is some new idea in a loading screen I might try it, but I won’t feel pressured to do exactly that.

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I have no such suggestion or data, this is quite blandly, my personal opinion. Also this was not my intent of this thread.