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Shellcorae Particuale (Species 'n Civ)


Name: Shellcorae Particuale

Intelligence: 30
Cooperation: 30
Charisma: 30
Strenght: 5
Agility: 40
Endurance: 35
Attunement: 40

Size: 1 meter in diameter

-Temporary Death (allows characters to become alive again after “death”)
-Pure Energy Usage (can use pure energy to do stuff - fight, grab, etc.)
-Flying (+15 to agility)
-Pure Negative Energy Usage (Violet subspecies only) (can use pure negative energy to do stuff)
-Extremely Weak Physical Resistance (-75% defensive power)
-Sense of Vision Only (lower threat detection levels)
-In-State Conflicts (higher unrest gain)
Shellcorae Particuale is a strange quasi-species of “organisms” made up from microscopic, self-assembling particles. The particles need to consume minerals to reproduce and harvest energy from surroundigs to continue functioning, if they do not consume magic, then they’ll end up turning into regular material.
The “Shellcores”, as they are called, are divided into 7 subspecies:
-Blue/Navy, which bears the Abiotic attribute, known from staying dormant most of the time.
-Cyan/Azure, which bears the Positive Energy attribute, known from having advanced technology.
-Green/Verdant, which bears the Resistance attribute, known from lying and spreading propaganda.
-Yellow/Olive, which bears the Biotic attribute, known from living in anarchistic society.
-Red/Crimson, which bears the Imperial attribute, known from raising collosal structures.
-Purple/Violet, which bears the Negative Energy attribute, known from spreading the word of truth.
-White/Colorblind, which bears the Diplomatic attribute, known from not caring about color of the Shellcores.
All Shellcores share the same “Core” and “Parts” blueprints, so they may look the same if they wish to.
Particles are only bond by magic, so if you shoot thru a Shellcore with an arrow, it will instantly “kill” it. Because of that, Shellcores never engage in physical combat, no matter the situation.
However, death isn’t the same for Shellcores as it is for Humans (for example). After “dying”, Shellcores will reassemble into a near-invisible cloud of particles, and subcounciosly reassembly into their more physical form at the nearest place they deem to be safe. Shellcores can only really die if they run out of magic, particles, or some vicious spell is used on them.
Shellcore have the ability of harvesting their own “Shell” layer (the layer whose main purpose is to protect the more delicate “Core”) and then, thru engineering which is second-nature to them, turning it into parts they can attatch to themselves in order to become stronger. Parts can be specialized for weaponry, abilities (such as temporary speed increase), drone spawns or passive abilities (such as speed increasement).
Shell can combine parts of Shell and an artificially-made Core in order to make Drone Blueprints, which will suck in any Shellcore particles from the surroundings and create a minion used in fighting and carrying resources - drones.
Shellcores cannot reproduce like the organisms of Earth, so they use another method - by producing enough particles and increasing their density in specific area, they can force the particles to assemble into a brand-new Shellcore.

Name: Violaceunegans
Species: Shellcorae Particuale (Violet subspecies)
Location: A steppe area with few trees, some rocks and grass.
First Settlement: “Veriturbs”
Ring: Larmian ring
Description: A group of Violet Shellcores which have started living together in order to create safe place for reassemblies.
Culture: Violet Shellcores value truth the most, and so lying doesn’t have a place in their’s society. Besides that, this Violet tribe is known from living in one area, as opposed to other subspecies that rather live in multiple settlements across an area.

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