Ad substantiam

A shapeless expanse of substance twists, bends and turns inside of a seal so strong that nothing could ever hope to breach it. Inside of that unbreakable firmament five quintuplet lights illuminated that substance with a grandiose, yet scarred radiancy.

Their light shaped that substance into exponentially more complex forms with the adeptness that only someone that already did so thousands of times before could have. Each light gave the substance a different quality:

The first, which radiated golden light in a complex yet systematic pattern, ordered it in all of the elements and gave each element rules to follow.

The second, which radiated crimson light with a violent rage, made strife between the elements, creating rivalries and alliances that are locked in a forever war.

The third, which radiated a verdurous and solemn light, gave the elements the ability to create roots that could connect them.

The fourth, which radiated an azure light that was gargantuan in scale, strengthened the roots of the elements, allowing them to create titanic constructs.

The fifth, which radiated a swarming and stinging violet light, gave the constructs voracity, making them hunger to fight against entropy.

So the lights created life, and so the lights created sapients, just like they did the first time in this inviolable firmament in which they sealed themselves…

Yet that firmament wasn’t as strong as they thought; outsiders, holding the primordial strength of the archè itself, opened fissures in that firmament. The fissures were not big enough to be noticed by the quintuplets, but they were big enough to allow intervention; so the outsiders too created life of their own, and so the outsiders too created sapients of their own to undermine the seal.

Welcome to Londorion! A game about civilizations, their advancements and conflicts in this vast and mysterious world. Will they discover the secret behind their world, or will they remain ignorant of the truth that is greater than them?

More Info
The World

The world of Londorion is a flat disk composed of five concentrical rings:

The Baroian ring; the first and outermost ring of Londorion.

The Valmian ring; the second ring of Londorion.

The Dralian ring; the third and middle ring of Londorion.

The Larmian ring; the fourth ring of Londorion.

The Kaetelian ring; the fifth and innermost ring of Londorion.

Outside of the rings and in the gaps between the rings there is the Oderhan, which is highly hostile to life.

The closer a ring is to the center of the world the more magic it contains, but the less mineral resources it has. This means that the innermost ring has the most magic but the least minerals meanwhile the opposite is true for the outermost ring.

Each ring also has special resources that are unique to that ring.

The Magnitude system

The magnitude system is the roll system that I will use to determinate whether your vote has succeeded or not. When a vote is made, it is assigned one of six magnitudes, these are the magnitudes in crescent order: Magnitude F, Magnitude D, Magnitude C, Magnitude B, Magnitude A and Magnitude S.

Once the magnitude has been choosen, a random number whose range depends on the magnitude will be generated and if the required statistics are equal or bigger than the number generated the vote will succeed… Magnitude F is the easiest magnitude to overcome, while S is the hardest. To be more precise, each magnitude’s roll range is: F - 0-50, D - 45-100, C - 95-150, B - 145-200, A - 195-250 and S - 245-300.

Culture system

Your civilization’s culture will have a major role in your playstyle.
To manipulate your civilization’s culture you will use culture votes, culture votes don’t have rolls and you receive 1 culture vote for each 2 normal votes you have.

Culture is divided in two sections:

Memes - memes are the general tendencies of your culture and they give minor changes. Memes can be in 1 of 3 different conditions:

Emerging - this is the first phase of a new meme appearing in your culture, emerging memes are easier to remove than estabilished ones and can be encouraged by the player to become estabilished faster, emerging memes dont affect your votes and will become estabilished if ignored for long enough. A player may choose to start making certain memes emerge by using culture votes.

Estabilished - estabished memes affect your votes and are harder to remove, an estabilished meme can become descending if something that goes in contradiction to it happens or it can become descending if a player uses enough culture votes. Estabilished memes have 3 levels, 1st, 2nd and 3rd; each level increases the effects of the meme and makes it harder to push into descending state.

Descending - the state in which memes are before being completely removed. Descending memes still affect votes and will be removed if ignored for long enough and can be removed faster by using culture votes or they can become estabilished again by using culture votes.

Precepts - they are more specific characteristics of your culture, giving more major changes than memes. Percepts are also harder to create and remove than memes, and might require both culture votes and normal votes.

Species and Civilization Templates

Name: Name of your species


Intelligence: Affects technology votes and other things that require intelligence

Cooperation: Affects internal organization votes and other things that require cooperation with members of the same group (does not boost interactions with NPC civs of the same species)

Charisma: Affects interactions with other civs and boosts the results of culture votes

Strenght: Affects votes that require physical strenght and attack power

Agility: Affects scouting and espionage votes, and any other vote that uses agility

Endurance: Affects votes that require physical extersion for long periods of time and defensive power

Attunement: Affects magic votes

Attribute points: 210

Min points per attribute: 5

Max points per attribute: 60

Size: Maximum size is 30 meters, minimum size is 30 cm. Size affects population growth, food comsuption, military power and how likely other civilizations are to find you.

Advantages/Disadvantages rules:

There needs to be the number of advantages minus one as number of disadvantages

A single advantage cant give an attribute boost greater than 15, two or more advantages cant boost the same attribute, the collective attribute boost off all your advantages cant be higher than 30.

You can have a max of 4 advantages. (if you have less than 4 then the effects of your advantages will be boosted)

Description: A description of your species.

Example Species

Name: Londorian Human


Intelligence: 30

Cooperation: 35

Charisma: 30

Strenght: 25

Agility: 30

Endurance: 40

Attunement: 20

Size: 2 m


Endurance Specialization - +15 endurance

Big Brain - +15 Intelligence

Better Coordinated - Takes less time to construct grand structures.

Throwing adaptations - +20% Bonus military power from ranged units.


Higer food need - requires more food.

Tribal Mind - Higher unrest gain.

Fragile - -10% defensive power.

Description: Humans are bipedal omnivores specialized in endurance hunting with a sub-specialization in throwing objects. Humans have large brains that allow them to quickly adapt in new enviroments; they are also quite social and coordinate with members of their close circles quite efficently, but they tend to be hostile towards those that are not part of their community.

Name: (Name of your civilization)

Species: (Species in your civilization)

Location: (Brief description of your civ’s surroundings)

First Settlement: (Name of your civ’s first settlement)

Ring: (The ring in which your civ resides )

Description: (General outlook of your civ)

Culture: (Description of your civ’s culture)

Population and Civilization management

Your population growth is influenced by how much food you produce, excess food can be stored if you have the necessary storage methods, it will just be lost otherwise.

Your population is grouped in settlements, there are two kinds of settlements:

Villages and Towns, villages are the initial type of settlement that every settlement will be right after being founded, they have unlimited Carry Capacity and villages have an initial population growth boost that scales down the tinier the species is that lasts for 3 rounds. Villages are also harder to defend and have less building slots than towns.

Villages will be forced to become towns once having reached 5000 population.

Towns have more building slots than villages and are easier to defend, but have a limited carry capacity that needs to be expanded by using resources, if the town’s population is higher than the town’s CC then unrest will start to increase. Towns also have an higher productivity than villages.

Settlements also have a fortification value, fortification value affects the probability of the settlement of surviving raids and battles.

In addition, settlements are grouped into regions. Regions have stability, stability dictates how likely a region is to fall apart or to try to separate into a new nation. Other than stability there is also unrest, which is a value attributed to the entire civilization, high amount of unrest will cause negative effects.

Military system

Military power is divided into offensive power and defensive power, units can be “positioned” to produce either attacking power or defensive power but not both at the same time, doing this does not use a vote (But doing attacks and military manuevers does use votes).

Defensive power is needed to defend positions and offensive power is needed to attack positions. Take into account that it is generally slightly easier to defend a position than to attack it.




Going to use the same Civ that I used in the play test


Name: Alliance of the Stars

Species: Featherhorns (various other races intermittently, usually on a one by one basis - no official, large scale integrations that would affect the Civ as a whole though)

Location: Large jungle area mostly encircled by a ‘mountain range’ (Frale you likely know what I am referring to) next to a wide, clear lake with broad shallows near their settlement.

First Settlement: Solas Réalt

Ring: Valmian Ring

Description: A laid back civilization who values living in harmony with nature, but don’t use this to prevent progress, whether that be culturally or technologically, unless it is actively harmful to the environment or to others. This does not prevent hunting, but does encourage sustainable practices and prevent over hunting. Non-agreesive, but more than willing to defend themselves and others. Dislike the idea of betrayal and pre-emptive strikes and the like. Value food production highly, and encourage the following of passions over what is strictly necessary. Hope for a one day all race, all inclusive civilization, dislike racism or other kinds of large scale anti-group sentiments, even for things such as barbarians, cultists, necromancers, or the like.

Culture: Extremely welcoming of outsiders, the Alliance of the Stars is not warlike but extremely powerful and scary when riled up. They will welcome anyone of any species, as long as they as an individual have not shown that they have continued, willfully overly violent tendencies, and even then they will simply guard them for a set period of time until the government feels they can be trusted. It is extremely difficult to find a corrupt Featherhorn, in fact most abhor the idea, but they also are not the most attentive of leaders, preferring to lie around when they don’t need to work to help stall the species tendency towards hangriness. The alliance will also happily perform large scale integrations with other species or civilizations, adopting or simply respecting their customs, and integrating their technology with the rest of the alliance’s while improving the newly integrated civs lives with theirs if they are willing. The alliance also values equal group representation, hence the four leaders at the beginning. Something worth noting is that they do not force integration, but tend to be fairly isolationist/private, though friendly, towards outside/non integrated civs once they make clear their intentions to not join together as one.

However, the Civ does absolutely abhor the idea of splitting apart the Civ, and feels heavy responsibility if it ever were to happen. They will do their utmost to prevent the separation or reabsorb the separated nation, or at the very least stop them from causing trouble.

Most of the latter half of the Civ stuff is just randomly placed rambling, which could be repeat information. I’ll likely also add to this continuously as the game develops and I figure out more about their culture and exact beliefs

Edit: would like to note that exact stats of the advantages are not necessarily applicable - I’d appreciate if Titan’s of the Ancient Past could attack, for example, or if ‘that’ would come with its own unique benefits


I edited in an example species which I totally didn’t forget to add before.


Seems Interesting, I’ll join.

Shellcorae Particuale (Species 'n Civ)


Name: Shellcorae Particuale

Intelligence: 30
Cooperation: 30
Charisma: 30
Strenght: 5
Agility: 40
Endurance: 35
Attunement: 40

Size: 1 meter in diameter

-Temporary Death (allows characters to become alive again after “death”)
-Pure Energy Usage (can use pure energy to do stuff - fight, grab, etc.)
-Flying (+15 to agility)
-Pure Negative Energy Usage (Violet subspecies only) (can use pure negative energy to do stuff)
-Extremely Weak Physical Resistance (-75% defensive power)
-Sense of Vision Only (lower threat detection levels)
-In-State Conflicts (higher unrest gain)
Shellcorae Particuale is a strange quasi-species of “organisms” made up from microscopic, self-assembling particles. The particles need to consume minerals to reproduce and harvest energy from surroundigs to continue functioning, if they do not consume magic, then they’ll end up turning into regular material.
The “Shellcores”, as they are called, are divided into 7 subspecies:
-Blue/Navy, which bears the Abiotic attribute, known from staying dormant most of the time.
-Cyan/Azure, which bears the Positive Energy attribute, known from having advanced technology.
-Green/Verdant, which bears the Resistance attribute, known from lying and spreading propaganda.
-Yellow/Olive, which bears the Biotic attribute, known from living in anarchistic society.
-Red/Crimson, which bears the Imperial attribute, known from raising collosal structures.
-Purple/Violet, which bears the Negative Energy attribute, known from spreading the word of truth.
-White/Colorblind, which bears the Diplomatic attribute, known from not caring about color of the Shellcores.
All Shellcores share the same “Core” and “Parts” blueprints, so they may look the same if they wish to.
Particles are only bond by magic, so if you shoot thru a Shellcore with an arrow, it will instantly “kill” it. Because of that, Shellcores never engage in physical combat, no matter the situation.
However, death isn’t the same for Shellcores as it is for Humans (for example). After “dying”, Shellcores will reassemble into a near-invisible cloud of particles, and subcounciosly reassembly into their more physical form at the nearest place they deem to be safe. Shellcores can only really die if they run out of magic, particles, or some vicious spell is used on them.
Shellcore have the ability of harvesting their own “Shell” layer (the layer whose main purpose is to protect the more delicate “Core”) and then, thru engineering which is second-nature to them, turning it into parts they can attatch to themselves in order to become stronger. Parts can be specialized for weaponry, abilities (such as temporary speed increase), drone spawns or passive abilities (such as speed increasement).
Shell can combine parts of Shell and an artificially-made Core in order to make Drone Blueprints, which will suck in any Shellcore particles from the surroundings and create a minion used in fighting and carrying resources - drones.
Shellcores cannot reproduce like the organisms of Earth, so they use another method - by producing enough particles and increasing their density in specific area, they can force the particles to assemble into a brand-new Shellcore.

Name: Violaceunegans
Species: Shellcorae Particuale (Violet subspecies)
Location: A steppe area with few trees, some rocks and grass.
First Settlement: “Veriturbs”
Ring: Larmian ring
Description: A group of Violet Shellcores which have started living together in order to create safe place for reassemblies.
Culture: Violet Shellcores value truth the most, and so lying doesn’t have a place in their’s society. Besides that, this Violet tribe is known from living in one area, as opposed to other subspecies that rather live in multiple settlements across an area.

What to fix there?


Wait… Incipit de Novo?


The civ template changed slightly


I forgot about the civilization part of the stat block entirely lol, will edit it in asap

Yeah, it’s the same race (though this time they can fly because there aren’t arbitrary anti-flight rules), this specific sheet came from a play test for this game Frale did over dms

Edit: I have added the Civ stuff

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i must join this, it seems too good not to


Name: children of Cthulhu

species: inanis tentamenta

location: a tall forest with little enough light that the floor has little to no plant life due to all of it being green and thus not taking in all the light, a river is nearby and there is plenty of fruit and plenty of motile prey as well

first settlement: silvopidom

ring: dralian ring

description: a civilization of hunter-gatherers who mainly hunt and gather to get nutrients to replace nutrients lost through waste and to allow people to grow and repair themselves, most of the hunters spear prey with their tentacles while most of the gatherers grab fruit they can’t reach with their arms using their tentacles, though plenty of the gatherers instead use their tentacles as spider legs and extend them to reach the fruit or push their tentacles out of their backs to make wings and fly to reach the fruit, though all of those are also tactics some of the hunters use as well.

culture: the children of Cthulhu take pride in their creativity and speed. they will never stand for putting others down for no reason or preventing anyone from being themself when nobody is hurt by it, the children of cthulu like lots of spices on their food and actively seek out things they haven’t eaten yet to see if they’re any good, the taste testers are always ones who can create something as big as or larger than a lion with their tentacles since they’d only get sick if it’s poisonous but the ones who can only create a small tentacle will die if it’s poisonous. the leader is always chosen from a combination of election and several trials to see if they are fit to be a leader, if a leader wants to stay a leader they must retake these tests every 4 years with the result of failure being demotion to working class


Common name: voidspawn
scientific name: inanis tentamenta


Intelligence: 40

Cooperation: 10

Charisma: 20

Strenght: 20

Agility: 60

Endurance: 20

Attunement: 40

size: variable, depends on emotions and current task/objective/goal, min for adults = 200cm

advantages: void photosynthesis[1], shadow tentacles[2], fast neurons: +15 to initiative rolls, +10 to evasion and block rolls and +5 to rolls to hit things, mana scales[3]

disadvantages: light weakness[4]. magic dependency[5], eldritch abomination: xenophobic species will have base relation points with this species of -100

description: a species of eldritch horror that can never be illuminated enough to be lit up at all, can use its tentacles for pretty much anything including but not limited to: flying, yeeting buildings[6], holding up buildings after they have lost all structural support[7], armor that can move to protect weak spots, bladed weapons[8], battering rams, hammers, moving like a cephalopod or an arachnid, unspeakable tentacle deeds, etc. the downside?: they can easily die if they have too little mana, though that’s not much of a risk in the middle ring since they absorb it faster than they can use it, they can photosynthesize at the same amount of sugar production per surface area as an earth plant in a cave with the only light source being a small rock with a moderately strong aura of “eat belgium and perish” energy, though the cost of this is they will peel like an onion if they get too close to a star without proper protective gear. and due to being an eldritch abomination all xenophobes hate them by default, though as a result of that their neurons are extremely fast allowing for reaction time only a fly hopped up on adrenaline could top, their main visible defining trait is their glowing purple fingernails and their ability to slice the strongest of swords with a single tentacle by encasing it in purple glowing scales that fuse together into an extremely small line

  1. the cells of this organism cannot let light escape without being punctured and thus have adapted to turn it all into usable energy to protect themselves from extreme damage, the organism is the blackest possible black and thus cannot be perceived by anything that fills in gaps in its vision, removes need to eat with the exception of growing, removes need to breathe oxygen ↩︎

  2. the organism can seemingly create almost indestructible tentacles darker than the deepest depths of the Mariana trench from thin air, in reality though there is no matter being created as the tentacles are grown in a pocket dimension only accessible to the tentacles and not to anything else but the organism’s blood which is constantly flowing through the tentacles. the tentacles can be cut with a stone knife if they can’t access any mana, tentacle durability and hardness scale with mana concentration and anger. tentacles can be made any thickness or length and weight depends on the organism’s mana capacity, tentacles can be shaped into many things ↩︎

  3. the organism can use mana to cover any part of its body in indestructible, flexible scales that have a hardness of 11(there’s actually a mineral that has this hardness value called lonsdaleite but natural specimens have too many impurities to reach it) and can take any shape scales naturally come in including teeth. any organism with this ability can use it to create shields as big as they can spread their body and will hardly ever need armor, though due to how this ability works simply deactivating mana usage won’t destroy the scales as they are crystallized mana that only need mana to be used to flex or disintegrate, this also allows the scales to be used as mana storage, it’s pretty easy to tell when this ability is active due to the dull purple glow given off by the scales in the presence of mana and/or light, though if the organism this trait was evolved by uses it under its skin the most damage you’ll be able to them is a flesh wound and whatever weapon you used will likely break, and due to their inability to let light out of their cells while having the ability to let it in, they are able to use this to photosynthesize in complete darkness, +indestructible fingernails cause who needs keratin when you have indestructible mana crystals, +15 endurance ↩︎

  4. as a result of the organism’s cells not being able to let light out it cannot go in areas more than 10 times as bright as earth in the middle of a hot summer day without getting extreme sunburn, this can be negated by clothes as long as they cover enough skin ↩︎

  5. the organism requires mana to use the pocket dimensions used by {shadow tentacles} and if they run out of mana any tentacles not actively out will be severed and will cause the organism to become extremely sick if the tentacles do not re connect before they die, this can cause the organism to die from infection. ↩︎

  6. this will cause extreme pain and several broken bones ↩︎

  7. will affect any who do this the same as the last one ↩︎

  8. requires mastery of tentacle usage ↩︎


Name: Lohendral

Base stats:
Intelligence: 60
Cooperation: 40
Charisma: 20
Strength: 20
Agility: 20
Endurance: 10
Attunement: 40

Size: About 3 meters long on average.

Telepathic - They can read each others minds, allowing them to form a a very cohesive society with no secrecy. (+15 cooperation)

Minor mind control - They can influence the thoughts of anyone to like them more. (+15 charisma)

Otherworldly Hunger - They feed off of magic itself, requiring them to eat magical plants and animals, this forces them into the inner rings until they have the technology to harvest magic from the world itself.

The Lohendral are long, semi-transparent creatures covered in large feathers, they have many small, nearly invisible eyes covering their body, 6 arms hanging off of their body, and use magic to fly far above the ground. They typically form small groups, drifting through the air looking for anything that will allow them access to magic, so they can feed. They are very friendly to other intelligent creatures, but if attacked, they will attempt to signal as many other Lohendral as they can, and will relentlessly fight the attacker(s).


Name: The Lohendral Commune

Species: Lohendral

Location: A lush magical forest, next to a winding river, full of magic sources to feed on.

First Settlement: Havonchir

Ring: Innermost

The Lohendral Commune is very exploratory, always looking for new places to settle, and always trying to make new discoveries. They don’t care for interaction with other civilizations, and are entirely focused on improving their own society.

The commune has no privacy, they all share thoughts, so they have learned to function as a collective, and care little for individuals, including themselves. Most of anything anyone does is to benefit everybody, and doing anything for any other reason is extremely rare and highly discouraged, the rare selfish individual is often banished or killed in the name of maintaining order.

What tech do we start with?


Joining this
Will add my civ later


So far there is a Civ in every ring but the outermost one which is kinda interesting that it’s so evenly distributed

(This is excluding wherever TeaKing’s Civ will go ofc)

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Hello i like this so im wondering can i join or is it too late


Yes you can

May I reserve the right to join but make a civ later?
I’m going to make one over the weekend.


Would join however forgot how to make those folders thingy


I’ll throw my hat into the ring, if you don’t mind. Been a long while since I did one of these.

Corhan Hunters




Intelligence: 25
Cooperation: 30
Charisma: 15
Strength: 45
Agility: 45
Endurance: 45
Attunement: 5
Size: 4 Meters


Strider: +15 Agility

Chitinous Plates: +15 Endurance


Territorial: -10 to interactions with other settlements or civilizations

Dullahans are large, insect-like carnivorous predators with 6 long legs and 4 pincer-like appendages on their front, near their head.
Dullahans are speedy hunters that work together to control a hunting territory. Despite their coordination, they often come to blows with other groups that they encounter. They can be surprising crafty and tend to strike when their prey is in a vulnerabile position.

Location: The Hunters inhabit the Corhan Wastes, a plain of craggy stone and rock formations interspersed with verdant oases. They make their home within the wastes, just outside of the oases.

First Settlement: Noka Corh

Ring: Baroian Ring

Description: The Hunters are a tough people, having formed their civilization within a harsh and often unforgiving environment. All members of a village must be able to contribute to the whole, otherwise they are neglected and may starve during a deficit.

Culture: The Hunters greatly value the hunt, and those that can take down large prey with strength and wit are venerated within their society. Their young must often hunt together to prove their worth and ability before they are considered to be adults.


I’ll join, but I’ll make my creature and civilization later.


That would need to be its own indipendent advantage. Also, you have 3 disadvantages while only having 3 advantages?

Click the settings button, and then “Hide Details”

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they don’t grow or shrink their main body, the reason their size depends on emotions and what they’re doing is the tentacles, mainly because they aren’t always out or even on the same plane as the organism they’re attached to, also the adult base size can vary as well and that’s just a result of not being genetically identical