hm… I’ll try…


Name: felidians


Intelligence: 30

Cooperation: 20

Charisma: 30

Strength: 30

Agility: 50

Endurance: 30

Attunement: 20

Size: 1.2m


  1. Sequential hermaphroditism (+10% population growth,+1% happiness)
  2. Cunning (+10 intelligence)
  3. Cuteness (+15 charisma)


  1. Jerks (-10 cooperation,-10 charisma)
  2. Hedonists (-5 cooperation)


The felidians, also known as Londorifelis sapiens, are a bipedal species of carnivores that look a lot like cats(Felis catus). They are adapted to ambush hunting and stalking their prey. One notable thing is that they are sequential hermaphrodites, and can change between the male and female sexes at will.


Name: agepta

Species: felidians

Location: mostly desert with a river in it

First Settlement: murauwa

Ring: dralian

Description: a relatively calm group of felidians that have decided to work together.

Culture: values respect among all else, and has a love-hate relationship with water.


Anyone else interested in being a goblinoid civ?
@zenzonegaming I’m taking your goblins and making them my own.
You can have trolls, or orcs, or ogres, but I have the goblins.
(If you pick one of those make sure they have the goblinoid trait)


Name: Goblin


Intelligence: 5

Cooperation: 60

Charisma: 25

Strenght: 25

Agility: 10

Endurance: 25

Attunement: 60

Attribute points: 0

Min points per attribute: 5

Max points per attribute: 60

Size: 1 meter

Advantages/Disadvantages rules:

There needs to be the number of advantages minus one as number of disadvantages

A single advantage cant give an attribute boost greater than 15, two or more advantages cant boost the same attribute, the collective attribute boost off all your advantages cant be higher than 30.

You can have a max of 4 advantages. (if you have less than 4 then the effects of your advantages will be boosted)

Breed like rabbits They breed faster than normal populations

Goblinoid +15 to rolls regarding relations and merging with a goblinoid civ (Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, etc…)

Monkey see monkey do +15 to rolls that involve copying another species technology or magic

Extremely racist -15 to rolls that involve relations with non-goblinoid species

Bloodthirsty If they cannot pillage a village, they will start to pillage each other


They are a surprisingly cooperative and bloodthirsty species that is usually nomadic in nature. They usually roam in bands of around 1000 but recently seem to have been gathering for something big.

They are about 1 meter tall and can have a skin color that ranges from a greenish yellow to a blue-grey, though most have simple green skin. They are humanoid in nature, and find enjoyment out of slaughtering their enemies


Name: The Emerald Army

Species: Goblin

Location: In a forest with a river running through it that another village uses to transport goods between itself and another village

First Settlement: Brooknar

Ring: The Dralian ring

Description: A larger than normal band of goblins whose mission is to unify all the goblinoids and kill all species that aren’t goblinoids

Culture: Goblinoids are the highest of races and anyone who disagrees will be cut down. We shall unite the goblinoid races and forever be known as the most powerful nation this world has ever seen!



GL at your genocide quest. I don’t think that it’ll succed…

All it takes is a little LOVE
and a little time
and an army

also I think if I breed fast enough I will achieve at least one of those things.

If someone else wants to add the goblinoid trait to their advantages I would be happy to ally with you.

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We have already seen a “Thrive Avengers” call on TRoNC Forum Game… Is this the time for the call to be made again?


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Name: City of Ga

Species: T’ka

Location: A mediterranean climate coast with a small mountain range in pockets next to the coast with sparse forests hiking out on the lower ends of these mountains.

First Settlement: Ga

Ring: Valmian

Description: A group of hunter-gathers who have formed a small moving home forming perhaps the largest as of yet in their culture hunter-gather group, with a curiosty of the world and things around them they wish the most well to any other groups they meet however their not outside of considering unknown things as a source of a meal, however often just showing one is capable of exchange puts one off the menu in most cases.

Culture: A group of hunter-gathers who use a medium group to encricle and tire out large prey, of course however they can always rely on the shallows to offer food, eating molusks and hard shelled organisms during hard times and when fruits aren’t plentiful alongside prey, when groups meet they often exchange rocks or food inreturn for something of similar value of course this is reliant on trust not any system and thus can be exploited by "exile groups"who abuse this nature for their gain.


Name: T’ka


Intelligence: 35

Cooperation: 30

Charisma: 35

Strenght: 30

Agility: 30

Endurance: 40

Attunement: 10

Attribute points: 10

Size: 1,1 m

Prolific: While they do only mate once a year the amount of young born from this process is tremendous however natural selection takes it course and often only a small part of the young make it.

Fluctuating colours: The species have unique ways of speaking to each other using their blood to flood areas of their skin plus being colourful this has added to their culture/reflected in their art or poetry often including vibrant colours (even ultraviolet to a small degree given their eye structure) +10 cooperation

Semi aquatic: T’ka have large chest cavity to hold in more oxygen to allow trips into the water in search for mollusc or hard shelled animals allowing for a greater variety of food that would’t be possible if their weren’t semi aquatic. +5 endurance


Delicate young: While they do make large batches of young at a impressive rate during their mating session their young require a very specific kind of nesting to promise a large part of the batch survives which one is being in foam from their parents or submerged in water

You colourblind or something?: While T’ka posses the ability to see ultraviolet and such vibrant colours thanks to their eyes this can appear badly in their art of poetry appearing dull to a wide range of other species that for T’ka is vibrant and full of life. -10 cooperation with non T’ka civilisations

Description: T’ka is semi aquatic species who switches between bipedal and quadrupedal when suited for the task at hand, their eyes have adapted to seeing ultraviolet light and thus have a “vibrant” culture, this is reflected seeing as their skin can appear in ultraviolet rarely and range from a broad spectrum of colours they do travel in groups as of modern times but these are often family units, with the mother taking control of the group while the father is the lookout for danger and given their similar they can switch this so every group is different from each other in size and who is leading. They do posses a tail for their semi aqucatic life however on land it adds drag to the species which causes the quadrupedal and bipedal stance change to remain. Their broad in mouth and posses a small nostril that can be closed which while looking humanoid does not posses a feminine nor masculine body plan seeing they don’t arrive from mammals and thus are not under the same strain as the females off mammals.

Think I got it right, and if not just inform me.


i feel like you’re gonna need to kill a few members of my species to get the weapons you need to kill a single member of my species, you’ll also need to pry the scales off of one to get the things you’ll need to shape said weapons, also i doubt a large army of your goblins would hold up against a single well trained and fully grown member of my species since, well, you’d be fighting against a rapidly moving mass of tentacles too dark for the brain to think it’s not an error and the mass of tentacles would likely have its main body in the sky or underground encased in a shell of indestructible scales. i should probably also mention that there would be blades harder than diamond and stronger and more durable than 10 metal nokia brick phones combined into one phone on the ends of the tentacles that could probably turn your entire army into a single goblin kebab. that may or may not be an exaggeration, but really only time will let us find out

that said i wouldn’t try eliminating one of my settlements without a lot of preparation including making blades from the fingernails of my species

i feel like those are supposed to be in an attribute

not anymore

Some form of antimagic could counter your species really well, and the Lohendral could literally absorb your scales as food, also:

I counted all of their stats and they used all 210, I think they just left that their by accident

Figured I’d make a chart of the current civilizations

Baroian Ring:

Corhan Hunters - Dullahan - MisterMustachio

Order of Cation - Casharlyth - CatSquared

The United Bontopian Coalition - Bontorps - Bontopia13

Erintromantra - Meimechounoimia takraden (Chounoima) - doomlightning

Valmian Ring:

Alliance of the Stars - Plumis Draconis Civex (Featherhorns) - TwilightWings21

City of Ga - T’ka - Cha

Dralian Ring:

Children of Cthulhu - Voidspawn - willow

Agepta - Felidians - sci0927

The Emerald Army - Goblins - Centarian

New London - Uruk-Hai - zenzonegaming

Larmian Ring:

Violaceunegans - Shellcores (Violet) - aah31415

Endegalra - Meraedania orba - TeaKing

Kaetelian Ring:

The Lohendral Commune - Lohendrals - Nonametoseehere

Total: 13


you make a good point, but i feel like any concentrated enough antimagic would just explode when it touches my scales. and the lohendral being able to absorb my scales will probably only work if they’re put in a rock tumbler after being cut into cubes since otherwise they’d be too sharp to eat and cut up their guts. but if i decide to do so i could trade magic crystal dust to your civ in exchange for materials only present in rings i can’t go into due to losing 90% of your body mass being a terrible idea just like letting your entire body be destructible when normally only a small part of it is. though maybe i could try having people from my civ encase themselves in all their tentacles while including a food port, locomotion appendages, and a waste port as part of their body plan and then cover themselves in enough scales to completely protect themselves before going into the outer rings, probably something i’ll eventually do but maybe not

i guess I’ll almost definitely decimate a goblin army trying to wipe out one of my villages at some point in this game

I’d actually love to see the goblins try to mess with my race once I build a little momentum lol

Minimum adult size is almost 100 feet long lol, also heavily armored and capable of flight, have razor sharp limbs, and can shoot bioelectric webbing

Also ??? Why the heck would it just explode lol

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same reason antimatter explodes when it hits normal matter? antimagic has two types right? if it’s like an antimagic cone though that just disables magic usage though so it wouldn’t affect my scales it’d just sever most of the body of any member of my species

Didn’t notice this.
Yeah I reserve a spot, might be until tomorrow that I can post my civ.


I don’t mean eating the scales, since they’re made out of mana they could be absorbed to become a part of a Lohendral through touch, the only reason a Lohendral eats is to seperate the mana from the organism, which isn’t a problem when it comes to something that is purely mana like your scales.

Pretty sure antimagic just… nullifies all magic

Not like antimatter at all imo

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oh, well that still allows trade between us allowing me to give you magic crystals in exchange for things i can’t get to without severe injury.

so there’s not a type of magic that just destroys magic? but in that case yeah i could not be affected by that at all by just taking out all ten tacles before a fight with something that has magic nullification since magic nullification isn’t really going to force crystalized mana to disperse, it’ll just disable its ability to be used for magic

No… it would probably evaporate crystallized mana, or at least render it weak and completely useless

That’s how it usually is anyway, Frale could change up the rules here if he wants

it might yeet all the mana away from the center of the area, which would lead to some pretty funny moments like a giant eldritch abomination getting yote by a beholder. but any way it works the tentacles will always work for mobility and even if they can’t stab they can tear so it’d still be a pretty hard foe to beat without mana as long as few enough of its tentacles got severed by portals closing. though if i were any member of my civ i’d just flee if something disabled all my magic and then after getting mana back as long as it’s been less than the time limit to re-attach limbs i’d take them all out as much as safely possible as a bunch of giant limbs and rip whatever disabled the magic to shreds. but if it’s a line of sight type thing it’ll either be it has to see light from or that bounced off of me or it has to have me in its feild of vision. one option i’d be completely safe from, while the other would be something i’d need to flee from or decapitate with kraken moves

Here’s my civilization:


Name: Casharlyth


Intelligence: 15

Cooperation: 40

Charisma: 15

Strength: 25

Agility: 30

Endurance: 30

Attunement: 15

Size: 50cm


Eusociality: +15 Cooperation

Emergence: +15 Intelligence

Fast growth: Larger Population


Scientificness: -10 Attunement

Hostility: - 15 for friendly engagements against other species.

Description: Casharlyth are large ant-like insects with hind legs, front arms, and an extra pair of limbs that can serve as either. They are omnivorous and eusocial, allowing them to carry out large tasks with cooperation. They have set rules in society, with a queen and workers like an ant colony. They are extremely intelligent, but because of that intelligence distrust magic. They live in tunnels in the mountains and are very hostile to other races.


Name: The Order of Cation

Species: Casharlyth

Location: The tunnels and caverns of a mountain, are surrounded by a river to the south, a forest to the west, an ore field to the north, and a desert to the east.

First Settlement: Rargornfardar

Ring: The Baroian ring

Description: A group of large and very scientific ant-like Casharlyth, who live in an ant-like society. They are very hostile, often choosing war, overpowering their foes with numbers and brute force. They almost worship their technology, with it being a massive part of their culture.

They live in a series of subterranean tunnels in a mountain that stretches down to a pool of lava. Bustling with life, their busy settlements have barracks at every turn. With metre-wide tunnels, allowing two-way transit, and the ability to block invaders.

Culture: The Casharlyth possesses a unique and fascinating culture centered around the art of pheromonic song. The Casharlyth creates intricate and harmonious pheromonic compositions that convey complex emotions, stories, and even historical events. Each Casharlyth individual contributes to this living auditory tapestry, utilizing their pheromones to produce a rich symphony that reflects their shared experiences and collective wisdom. The melodies of these pheromonic songs serve to unify the colony, and promote cooperation, however, due to their inherent hostility towards other species, the beauty of their pheromonic artistry is largely reserved for their kind within the confines of the mountain tunnels and caverns.

There technology is an ever important aspect, with genetic engineering and biology being most important. They are currently attempting to make themselves more goblinoid, in an attempt to ally with The Emerald Army, and dominate civilisation. All attempts so far have been a failure.

Most of the culture was just AI nonsense, but yeah.

Edit: Fun Fact!: A group of Casharlyth workers is called a Swarm, and each individual is called a Swarmling. Each swarm has 10 to 10,000 swarmlings,ball genetically created to perfection.