Look who stayed up this late reading the forums!

So, I have my second round of finals tomorrow, and I’ve done nothing to prepare, I just have been sitting around on these forums. It’s literally 2:02 AM where i am at and I Really should get some sleep, but i’ll leave that up to all you guys!

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Eh, i’m going to sleep, still feel free to leave a vote, probibly going to need it for tommorow

dude you should seriously sleep!

IF only sleeping was as easy as actualy turning off a computer and closing your eyes for an extended period of time.

Yeah LPT: I don’t know if you actually have insomnia, but I had issues falling asleep, leading to long nights too. The fix was very simple: Get in a rhythm. Honestly, if you always wait until 2 AM to sleep, then going to bed at 11 PM, you WILL stay awake for a long time, but if you always got to bed at around 11 or something, you’ll fall asleep way faster .
It’s truly worth it, I used to always basically operate at half capacity when tired (which was almost always), but now I can actually concentrate on stuff.

Being sick is the best thing for my sleep since I can get drugs that put me to sleep. Is there a non-medicinal sleeping drug I can find that’s legal?

i’ve stayed up later, 2:30?

School was shortened today, so i’m back to start doing science and eating chips.

There is, It is also non-prescription. You can go to the store and buy melatonin pills. These work good and take about 1/2 hour to work for me, however if you take other medicine you might want to check in with your doctor first before trying it. This is a High-schooler , so don’t take my words as any serious medical advice.

This topic should really be closed… i’m pretty sure that everyone’s finals is finished by now, therefore the message of this forum is mute. No one has replied in 21 days anyway.

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There have been forums that have months between messages, 21 days isn’t that long.

The main point is the thread is dead by it’s topic, it was made about the finals the finals are over and really what else is there to say?

You wait until next finals.

I guess this can be a stress releaver thread for finals…

I think the topic of sleep versus thrive is always relevant.

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Especially for the thrive developers, cause they need sleep too

I’m starting my finals right now…
Probably not a good idea to stay up late instead of studying. Oh well

Forgive me, but i dont think I have seen you on the forums before. Welcome (back) I guess?

Kinda new, joined yesterday

Sleeping is a better option.

Censored - 13 years old minimum to understand the joke

Maybe you could even sleep with someone! XD

EDIT : Woops, necroposted! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::crazy_face::slightly_smiling_face::rofl: