Macroscopic editor concept art

So I decided to make some concept arts for macroscopic editor
I’ll be adding more images from time to time so make sure to subscribe.
(I’ll be making models with womp3d)

Sessile organism


Active animal that produces mucilage and toxins to protect itself from bigger creatures


wow bro thats fracking amazing, thought about adding color changing skins cells as a feature, like a cuttlefish? they are my favorite. also will there be options for endo skeleton, exo skeleton, or non at all?


10/10 juicy and amazing graphics for both of them
They look so tasty… :plate_with_cutlery:


Great job! These look very high quality and fit the aesthetic of the game well. I believe the dev team is somewhat struggling with 3D modelers? They have a lot of concept artists already but applications are always welcome regardless too so if you wanted you could apply for that as well.

Point is, you might want to look into making this kind of thing more than just a concept! Because if I am not mistaken, this is a field they need a lot of help in. You could, if you want, apply to join the team. I understand if you don’t want to, though. I’ve made some concepts too but I have no plans to apply.


We need a graphics programmer who can make a computer make a 3D model.

If someone understands what’s going on here: Convolution Surfaces: A better alternative to metaballs - Programming - Thrive Development Forum then they are qualified to help.

Kind of not really. The dream is to make basically everything procedurally generated. So at most stuff like rocks or very basic shapes / objects might be something we’d have models for. The microbe stage is kind of the part of the game with most need for models.

Edit: clarified that " programmer who can make a computer make a 3D model."


Thank you for clarifying. I was trying to understand how a game like this could need modelers so badly, and I understand it a lot better now.

filter feeding creature
(Probably late stage)


:sparkles: Biblically accurate :sparkles:

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how though… unless you are a evolutionary creationist like me

They were probably referring to the creature looking like a biblically accurate angel

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Here is one more creature, that feeds on blood of other creatures


These are awesome. So, I think you’re making mainly sea faring creatures right? What would a land faring creature look like?

This one looks funny to me for some reason. Still pretty cool though!

looks really tasty and gelatinous

Marine snow feeder


I see u took inspiration from the Biblaridion alien biosphere.
nice modle


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Land predator


I like that youtube channel… but if you compared it with a class of animal, which one do you think it would be closest to, or would it even be considered a animal within the animal kingdom