Magi-Physics Laws Community Project

(didn’t know if I should have put this in other creativity or forum games since it is between the two of them)

For the last month I have been searching for world building projects that had formulaic laws like real world physics, at my dissapointment, I only found small projects that didn’t really go indepth on the magic formulas.

So I decided to make this community project so that there would be at least one that goes indepth about the workings of magic and how it interacts with the physics of the universe and to make the forums more lively too.

So welcome and let’s get started:

I think that for starters we should decide on a number postulates, which will be realities of how the magic interacts with the universe that will never change and that all the formulas we create should abide by.

How many postulates should we make?
  • 5
  • 10
  • 20

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While we wait for the pool to wait, I think we should decide on how many new “elements” we should add, these will be the energies, particles and other things that our system will be based on. I think that having 1 new kind of energy, called mana and a new kind of wave called fluxian would be enough, but I’m not sure if fluxian waves should have a separate spectrum or be connected to the spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

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What does this have to do with Thrive?

Nothing, but that’s what #other-creativity exist’s for

The forums would be quite dead if everything was just about thrive only
Its important to let the community do its own thing if you want it active and thriving

Sorry, I didn’t know


Not much of a problem
So no need to apologize

someone beat you to it (im in the discord server that helped make this btw, never did much though)

Though that’s for dnd magic, is is going to revised to have quantum fields i think so it’ll be outdated soon anyways, what sorta magic do you want to make this about?

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Sometimes the best magic system, is the one you don’t plan out for years on end, forget about, then never use. It’s the one you make up along the way and just write it down as you make up stuff.

Heh, my hat hides how long it’s been.