Making a evo forum game in to an automated game

for the devs

Before I start, to any and all mods or deves if you dont like me putting up this topic about making a game similar to thrive (note that is the same as Path of the Wild (Forum Game) and others like it and will be shabby compared to thrive) Ill edit the topic into something else or just delete it if you can. Im making this game simply for people like me who are way overly hyped for this game and cant seem to get into form games. I have no intentions to compete with thrive in fact ill have a link to thrive so if others not familiar with thrive play it they will be pulled toward the thrive community, so like a preview to the game.

Now that thats out of the way heres what im thinking, it will be a game about evaluation youll start out as a flat worm (like other evo form games) and chose available parts to evolve so every player will go down a different tree it will also be multiplayer or single player the AI will make a story short story about the status of your species and the randomly generated world. Heres a list of what Im thinking of putting in the game.

  • multiplayer/singleplayer
  • randomly generated worlds
  • short stories explaining the status of your world and species
  • interactive world(ex. the fauna and flora reacts to the players decisions and evolves beside them)
  • player starts as a flatworm
  • player evolves through multiple mutation trees(ex. eye-spots > cup-eye > pinhole-eye…)
  • some trees may require one or more other trees to be unlocked
  • mutation success depends on a dice roll
    1 ) evolutionary disaster
    2-3) unwanted change
    4-5) nothing
    6-7) wanted change
    8-9) well adapted
    10 ) evolutionary miracle
  • player can see a model of their species and the NPCs
  • map with options to see temperature, biomes, and where every species can be found

I know im forgetting stuff but I think this is good for now I would like your opinion on the game and what to add/ change, I would also like some input from the deves
Also if you want to share a photo or code please put it in discord

Is this a forum game or are you going to make a game?
If it is a forum game sign me up

its going to be a real game ill post on the forum fully automated

Well in that case the game might just prove your ability to the devs and may be able to get you a place on the dev team.

I say make it, I’ll play it even if no one else does.

The only problem is iv never even attempted to make a game before but nows a good of a time as any :ok_hand::joy:

Update: I just attempted to code a simple true or false game from a tutorial and I thought my head was going to explode :sob: I have a new found respect for coders but dont worry i have a friend who knows more about code so its not a lost cause

…sure. Why not.

Count me in.

anyone good at coding I feel like this is a more then one person job I made a discord for anyone willing to help

P.S. I have no idea if that link worked

This is definitely an interesting idea and one that I’d be fine with running on the forum as long as all the images and other huge resources are linked rather than uploaded here (to not run out of space on this server).

But this won’t be exactly simple to program. As I don’t remember you applying to the team or saying that you have programming experience. So I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time getting this idea made unless you can learn to program and make it yourself.

like I said before this will be my first time attempting to code but I may just end up taking the backseat driver role as a designer and have someone else do it. I have a friend who’s going to collage to be a game developer so ill have him see what he can do also ill ask him if he wants to apply for thrive and use my game in his portfolio. if he cant then ill ether have to power through my self or find someone willing to help.

sorry about the double post but I needed to put this up. Iv been working on the mutation trees but iv ran into a problem, I want there to be 3 main trees to represent the three domains of life and i’m using plague inc.'s mutation system as a reference I Know I want one of the trees to be intelligence/conscious/brain and will house behavior,
memory, and maybe brain size and nerve cords don’t know exactly yet. But the problem is I cant think of the other two I keep wanting to make one physical or something but then I wouldn’t have anything left to put into the third tree. any suggestions for the tree will be helpful thank you.

lastly I was wondering @StealthStyle if you would be interested in helping me with the concept of this game since its based off your form game you wouldn’t have to be committed to it since i’m sure your busy with your form game not to mention IRL so when ever you have time a concept or two wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Update: i think I figured it out ill have Mental, physical, and protection but you can still submit ideas if you think there better.

Perhaps the mutation trees could be

  1. Mental
  2. Internal
  3. External

I like your style my favorite radiation crustacean

radiation crustacean, eh?
Im gonna use that
Also, thanks! As for the automated forum game, what coding language will it be?

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Scripting could be the easiest, but dunno about the practicality of it or other stuff.

no clue I was going to use unity if thats what you meant btw my friend wont be able to work on it for a while so if anyone wants to do the coding be my guest just hop on the discord I should have a rough concept done soon of the mutation tree what I think is the foundation and most important part of the game.

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Update: I think im going to make this a real form game as a test run before having it coded and stuff. I’ll need 3- 4 players im hoping that @QuantumCrab and @StealthStyle will join and I will have a reserve spot for them becouse they are game masters them self’s and could help with bug fixing and give me tips but if you dont want to play tell me or after some time ill just give your spot away. Also im probably going to be bad at narrating but this will be more for the mutation tree anyway. The game should start up next week sometime.

P.S. theres a vary rough draft of the M-tree in the discord feel free to give suggestions and tips


if you want to learn coding

that link is also a sponsor link so yeahhhh.

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I’d love to join!

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I oblige to your game.

I don’t have anything better to do but to post things in the TU or write stories.

So why not.

ya… I gave up on this like the day after lol, I both hate and suck at code

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