Making a Line For What Content Not to Include

Just gonna throw in my two cents before this goes quiet;

Things don’t need to be graphically portrayed to still keep the feel of it realistic. Thrive is an evolution simulator, and while yes, a large portion of evolution is reproduction, as others have said this could simply be a ‘do you want live birth, eggs, etc’.

While this might lower the amount of possibilities one could come up with for reproductive methods, it also makes this more younger age friendly, which means it could potentially be used as a tool that could potentially be used for education.

Is losing the ability to design more complexly unfortunate? Yes, and I understand some people would want that. But imo the negatives that could come with using a feature that is limiting to the age group for the entire community outweigh the positives for the portion of the community who would enjoy the game either way but would prefer the ability to design this particular field of evolution.