Marked as malware

I was attempting to start thrive as I installed it a month or so ago. When starting it up (from the thrive launcher), I was surprised to see that my anti-virus, Avast, marked it as malware and blocked it.

My mistake, after doing some research, Iโ€™ve concluded that this was merely a false positive, as Avast has many of these for this specific type of malware.

Avast gets alot of false positives, its just that the game isnโ€™t very popular so they havent added it to their โ€œthis unknown program is fineโ€ database. It shoudl give you the option to report it as a false positive, and you can send it to them and they will fix it.

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I think I installed avast once and it made my computer go fart noise

Speaking of which, i really need to find a (hopefully free) antivirus besides the base one you get with windows 10, any suggestions?

Iโ€™ve heard that the windows defender in windows 10 is actually quite good and you may not need anything else.

All the free ones that Iโ€™ve tried or heard about are complete junk, including avast. So I have only one recommendation, the free version of malware bytes. It just has a manual scan option but it isnโ€™t terrible, at least last time I checked it.

The only antivirus I can really recommend is Norton. Iโ€™ve been using it for maybe almost a decade now and Iโ€™ve only had a few false positives that were quickly resolved when I submitted samples. And unlike something like Bitdefender that complains about git on windows and prevented me from installing flash, itโ€™s very low maintenance in terms of not having to constantly allow programs to do things.

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