May revise this creature once again but to be a mollusk

So I think yall remember this little guy

Well, I may revise it once again to be a cephalopod that has converged on the build of a 6-limbed reptile as cephalopods are almost like aliens, I mean have you see one, and perhaps these spikes are actually remnants of their shells of when they had a shell. Also cephalopods are also known as the “Masters of Mimicry” I mean they can literally mimic the movements of different animals well Octopuses to be specific, so perhaps it’s actually a terrestrial octopus as this thing and octopuses both have beaks and have many limbs and perhaps these “closed” eyes are actually their real eyes.
Btw it’s a sequel to this post here: and perhaps maybe both the Ender Dragon and Sniffer from Minecraft are too descended from this terrestrial octopus of which I call “Sauroctopus”

Octopus dont have shells or shell remnant.

Then maybe a nautilus

ah yes a S Q U I D

this is a joke of course having a boneless dragon is fun and interesting, the drawing are very cute! keep up the good work