Me is being picky about the game

picky picky picky

No offense to the devs, but I think the movement in the current game is a bit too ‘slidy’.
Who agrees with me?

:laughing: It’s good like it is now

:thrive: It should be changed

You’ve probably already been heard. I’m going to quote someone from a platformer game server, which should still be relevant in a top-down game.

Of course, a cell in water should play differently than Mega Man with his stutter-step, but quick acceleration, level velocity, then quick deceleration tends to be very satisfying. Of course, simply adding velocity in a direction may be the simpler option, but sometimes fun has to come at the expense of perfect physics.
Water currents may also affect your cell’s velocity, but those are well defined, and should also accelerate somewhat quickly to a maximum velocity gain (which should be something balanced by drag). However, as they are not inputs, but environmental features, they should accelerate slower than the player’s movements.

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We have made it less slidey for 0.4.0 :slight_smile:


Right now it has been adjusted to be quite slidey again, unless you very recently tweaked it more.

FYI: You can add a poll by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “Build Poll”

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Its at what tjwhale set it to

I liked having the drag higher… but oh well.

Eh, non-final numbers are not final.