Mega Chad Cell

Why CAN’T Single Cells become as big as a Multicellular organism? It’s the square cube law.
The species called Mega Chad(scientific name : Chadium Thrivium) has proven you WRONG!

Witness the awesomeness of this cell :

Stats :
Speed : 11.3
HP : 60
Size : 333
FPS when playing : 1

(I can really see why most lifeforms speced into the multicellular catagory instead of the MEGA CHAD spectrum)


It kinda looks like a tower. I wonder how this cell would display when the 3d membrane is going to be implemented.

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well, i made an update that kinda made it a human, with arms and legs, with flagellum to proppel the rocketMega Chad cell to extrodanary heights! But the game crashed and i force quitted, i provided the logs here :

I know it’s weird because it didn’t end with

Thrive has exited normally (exit code 0).

That’s pretty weak. I can play a 5000 size cell at a whopping 5 FPS (after waiting like a minute to get back to the stage from the editor).

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After turning vSync off, that means that it runs ASAP, and not at the speed of your computer, the max is 3.

Jokes on you, I crash with a size bigger then 300!