Megafaunal Civilizations

When we’re talking about various civs, we most usually mean ones, where specimens are around the size of a human. However, how would a civilization of Sauropod-sized (or larger) creatures fare on a planet, such as one with Earth-Like gravity? Would it be able to send it’s people to walk on the moon of it’s own planet? How would the (most likely) smaller population impact it’s development?

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They would be able to carry heavier technology, and would be able to extract larger materials. If humans can make tiny computers that are very powerful, if they can create technology they could make much more powerful home devices.

Nothing would be different. They would have a lower population.

Spaceflight would be significantly harder and use more resources.

They can just send a brain in a jar. Its would be smaller.

I would not say nothing would be different- I assume for example that getting into space as a multi-ton creature would be quite difficult.

Just a Wikipedia link, but it does illustrate the point (Super heavy-lift launch vehicle - Wikipedia): the payload Saturn V for example could carry into low Earth orbit was 140 t, and a brontosaur on average weighed about 30 tonnes (Brontosaurus | Size, Habitat, & Facts | Britannica). There’s some planned spacecraft on that list with a carrying capacity of 300 tonnes, but that does not change the fact that a sauropod sized creature would be a significantly heavier payload to carry into space than humans are.


There would be loads of differences, such as the vast amount of food they need, and there incredibly slow reaction time.

Why don’t humans just do that?