Menu not working on startup

Menu buttons not working after startup (only happens sometimes). The game window seem to bet weird when i press the Windows Key. I also have video proof, but the recording didn’t catch very well. Still, everything was fine but no buttons where clickable, and when i minimized the game, i basically saw what was visible when the game was going fullscren (at 00:44). Then i closed it manually through the taskbar.
Log: Menu Not Working Log -
Video (i’m not aware of any other method of sharing videos so i’ll upload on mega):
161.81 MB file on MEGA

So for some reason the menu buttons aren’t clickable for you?
This is the first time I’m hearing about this.
Does the game work correctly in windowed mode or if you go to windowed mode (F11) and then back to fullscreen?

I’m not sure, this problem only happened 2 times and is seemingly random, seems to be a problem with the game going fullscreen on startup. If it happens again i’ll do some experimenting.

One thing I noticed from the video is that your computer is really struggling to start Thrive, though it could be partly related to the recording. Even on my laptop it takes only about a second after the launcher minimizes for the game window to pop up.

It’s taking time to make it fullscreen, but i don’t think it’s strugling. It runs smooth and my computer is considerably powerful.

Happened again, now i was able to capture it:
I was spamming my mouse most of the time

Seeing as the buttons got highlighted once, I think there’s some offset problem. I’ve had this problem with other games than thrive where in fullscreen they think the on-screen buttons are at a different position than they are really in.

I think this is a Godot bug related to fullscreen on your computer.

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