Could castes be used to create metimorphic stages, that grow up to become another caste? (i.e. a caterpiller turnig into ether a male or femail butterfly.)

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I think this was discussed before, and the answer was most likely yes.

Yeah, when I was making that subject, a bot told me it was too similar to other posts.
I looked at those posts, and they didn’t seem to be quite the same thing that I was suggesting.

I’m talking about the older forums, if my memory serves me right.

Was there a clear answer that was figured out in the older forums on how metamorphosis could be implemented in the game or was it just touched up on? If there wasn’t, then this thread could be a good thought bubble.
If there was an answer, we should try to find it and post it on this thread so that future discussion could refer to this thread in this forum.