Microbe Controls

I’m wondering if the development team has considered changing the controls so that A & D rotate your microbe instead of move it from side to side. Since rotation rate seems to be currently limited by the placement and number of flagella (as well as the weight of the microbe), tying rotation to the mouse makes the controls slightly unintuitive, at least for me, especially as this (at least currently) is mainly a top-down game. Some pros I can think to making this change would be freeing up the mouse to be able to perform different actions, like say direct where you shoot out your agents. The main con I can think of is that this would technically limit controls (but I don’t think this would be that big of a change), plus most animals that I can think of always generally move forward even if that isn’t where they’re looking (despite the fact that many can move side to side). Any thoughts on what the development team thinks of this as well as other input is appreciated.

The thinking behind that scheme comes from its applicability to later stages, when the movable space will be 3D instead of 2D. However I kind of agree with your points. To me it’s always been something we’d reconsider when we get to adding more gameplay - once combat and such are in a good state, we’d release versions with each control scheme and ask developers and the community which they prefer.


Could it be possible to just make this a toggleable option in the options menu? So players can just choose the kind of controls that they want?


So a option like, rotate with A and D or rotate with Mouse Cursor?

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I like the cursor rotation and a point and shoot option seems nice though. it would remind me of those old games like asteroid (Which I played…gosh now I made myself feel old)

Part of the new gen here and still prefer the retro games over the new. :thinking: