Microbes Frezze

Microbes seem to freeze up in the new update. It is not normal,


Are you talking about colony members becoming physically detached when they shouldn’t:


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The cells a frozen, i am never talking about the colony’s, also it appears that they become alive again when i stab a microbe to death right next to them, and they start attacking ME!

Can you provide a video or something?
Some AI cells have a passive personality.

I would assume that that is just the AI deciding to do nothing.
We are always looking for people to improve the AI in the game.
Just to confirm this is with 0.5.4, right?

yes, this is WITH 0.5.4, in the previous version, it worked fine.

the AI should be always trying to do something? you should make an ammonia-phosphate wheel for them, and once they finish that, the AI get’s some reward, this is just speculation based on my knowledge of how AI works/

Even in previous versions the AI had a sessile state, and it could just hang around.
As I said, further tweaking on the AI is something that’s needed. It just took like 2 years for the current AI changes to happen, so it might be a while…