Microscopic Multicellular - Won't let me modify duplicated cells

I’m trying to get to Macroscopic and have more than two cell types. I have duplicated both cell types and tried to modify the new dups, but the editor just brings me to the original cell type. I can’t switch to the new one to place it either.

Could you please provide more details? So you created 4 total cell types and then editing 2 of those cell types don’t work but editing the 2 other ones does?

I think you need to select the cell by double clicking before actually hitting the modify button.
I DO play Thrive at school, so i should know at least something about it, hopefully.

I’m pretty confident double click does nothing on the cell type selection buttons.

Oof. I guess in less than 24 hours after not playing the game, i already forgot the more advanced controls.
Could you remind me how type duplication works, again?

Selecting a cell type works the same as organelles: you single click on the button for that organelle / cell type. Once a type is selected you can edit it by pressing the specific edit button or just clicking the “cell” tab to switch from the body plan editor to the cell editor.