Might not be a bug-ingame but launcher is failing to downlead and play dev builds

logs are here : Paste.ee - View paste yTgps

launcher failed to downed any dev build.
anti-virus is disabled.

Error: Failed to rename extracted file: Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, rename 'C:\Users\grkth\AppData\Roaming\Revolutionary-Games\Launcher\Installed\devbuild\d39f92a3e8f40addda1fedee35dc41cd08a13210_Windows%20Desktop\Thrive_d39f92a3e8f40addda1fedee35dc41cd08a13210_windows_desktop' -> 'C:\Users\grkth\AppData\Roaming\Revolutionary-Games\Launcher\Installed\devbuild\build'

To try redownloading delete 'C:\Users\grkth\AppData\Local\Temp\Revolutionary-Games-Launcher\devbuild.7z'

Seems like some kind of permission error? Is the target file / folder not writable by the launcher process?

it should be… I disabled my anti-virus. And i reinstated the folder perms…

Could you try uninstalling the launcher and deleting the data folder entirely at: C:\Users\grkth\AppData\Roaming\Revolutionary-Games\Launcher? Then reinstall and try again.