Mini game to pass the time

Someone roll a d20 with discobot, then, add a number between 1 and 10, don’t tell the other person what you added, the other person decides an action to do with that roll, and you tell them if they succeed or fail, let’s see what happens, I’ll go first.

The roll is:
@discobot roll 1d20

:game_die: 19

Action: Figure out what the number that was added to the roll was

@discobot roll 10d100

:game_die: 85, 6, 61, 47, 6, 34, 68, 29, 82, 67

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Successful: the number was 3
Now you roll

@discobot roll 1d20

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I don’t think it rolled.
Action: Establish a setting.

Well it was a 20… so no matter what it’s a success

Outcome (20 + 10 = 30 | Success):

It’s is the far-flung future filled with spaceship, alien planets, space station, and capitalism. The story is set on a space station ring near a random moon that has been recently abandoned by it’s original owner after much neglect. There isn’t much life on the station, much less human lives and it’s really a derelict that is on it’s last legs.

:game_die: 7

@discobot roll 1d20 .

Action: make a character I can play as
Race: same as all the forum games I’ve played, Kajit.

What was the result?

Alright I’ll roll again.
@discobot roll 1d20

:game_die: 6