Mini Update #5: Planetary Evolution

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Hey guys, Nick here, and welcome back to another Mini Update. Today we’ve got a longer update as it’s a post from one of our recent discussions on the Microbe Stage that we felt would be interesting to share. Instead of talking about any technical aspects of the development this time, we’re instead going to focus on some of the science behind the game’s design. What’s the topic? Planetary evolution.

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EDIT FROM NICK: You can also discuss this update on the reddit here.

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Wow, I learned a lot from reading this, this would be really cool to have in the game!

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w0w fancy.
Question about the update though: Why is everything (except for the intro) in italic?

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You’ll have to ask @NickTheNick about that since he wrote the post.

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Yeah I know, but I thought it would be better if I didn’t doublepost, but I still wanted to respond to the fancy updating comments

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Woops, I forgot to change that from the original post. I’ll fix it now.

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I didn’t know Thrive had a reddit, guess it’s time to go check it out

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I can’t wait for all these jazzy new features!