Mini Update #6: Gameplay Updates Pt. 1

(system) #1

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Hey guys, Nick here, and welcome back to another Mini Update. It’s time for us to cover some of the upcoming gameplay changes that are going to be included with the next release. We’ve got a lot to cover, so we’ll split this into several parts. Today’s update will mostly cover gameplay changes to the compound system and features associated with it.

(Omicron) #2

Sweet another Mini-Update. I must say: Chemosynthesis? Aww yeah.

Small note though: At paragraph 6 it says “Another change that is partially inspired by that mod is to actually remove oxygen and carbon dioxide as compound clouds”, but the mod in question hasn’t been mentioned in this MU

(Two-Toe-Tom) #3

This looks pretty legit!

Also I was wondering, and this might have already been answered, but about how long until we can expect these features to come out?


A few months is still the best estimate I can give about when the next version is ready for release.

(Kershaws) #5

Ah yes, mate. Love the UI consept!

(NickTheNick) #6

Ah good catch, that’s referring to the Compound Rebalance mod, which was mentioned a few paragraphs up in the original draft but then in one of the edits I changed it into a link to the first Mini Update. Just fixed it now. (I also fixed some grammar mistakes in some parts)

(AureRed) #7

early concept UI looks really beauty i love it :heart:

(Oliveriver) #8

It should be noted that we won’t have a GUI like that for a while yet, if at all. For the next release (the big engine switch one) we’ll have the existing GUI, converted to HTML/CSS.


loving the ui concept

(Thrive's #1 Ghost Knight) #10

That was some byotiful concept art there, looks like things are progressing pretty smoothly too!

(King of Things) #11

When you guys say ui, i keep thinking of ultra instinct from dragon ball super for some reason.

(Theoretical Ideas for theories) #12

Very excited for the new UI concept, I expect a great future for this game.

(You didn't see anything) #13

Holy Belgium that new UI looks amazing


god dam I love that concept art its so soft and majestic just how I wanted this game to look.
also I think you should be able to hover over each compound in the ui to tell what they are if its not already like that.


Someone better work on it then (AFAIK it’s just done in some image editing software, not in anything that’s usable in the game) cough art team cough