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An extremely concerning NWS SPC day 2 outlook for November 28, 2022:

This might be worse than November 4th.


Thank god I don’t have to deal with that one. I hope that everyone who does makes it through safe

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My weather is pretty clear rn, which is great because I get to use my telescope more

Update! Day 1 outlook:

For tracking the situation:

Edit: it started.


If you live in an area endangered by this event. Prepare. You still got at least around half an hour.


doesn’t this happen regularly, though? :?

Stuff like this is more on the rare side of things. This outbreak produced 131 tornadoes, with 117 of them just in 24 hours. This was a historic event.

The tornado season has officially started in Poland. The first confirmed tornado of the year has struck the village of Piotrowice, Lower Silesian Voivodeship on the 23rd of May, 2023.

Yeah, we truly have entered summer now.

(2nd degree storm warning for tomorrow, might change but I don’t think it’ll change much)


As for my local situation, so far the most severe thing that happened was some mild rain.

I had no idea there were tornados in Europe. :exploding_head: We had a tornado in the UK once, and older people still talk about it. The ESWD site also showed a tornado in Cornwall in the past week, but I couldn’t find any evidence of that happening. All I found was articles about a Tornado steam train in operation there. As for weather, there were mentions of a chance of thunder, and a gentle breeze…

There are quite a lot tornadoes in Europe actually, though not as much as in the US, the region still gets around 300 tornadoes annually. Most of them are on the weaker side, but occasionally there are some stronger ones, like the 2021 Hodonín F4, 2022 France & Belgium F3, 2008 and 2012 Poland F3s, 2015 Bützow F3 or the 2015 Mira F4. Unfortunately, tornadoes in Europe aren’t studied as well as in America, warning systems lack far behind the US, and a lot of potentially dangerous myths about tornadoes are still common amongst people, especially in poorer countries. Examples of such include: “we have no tornadoes/they are so rare there’s nothing to worry about”, “[local name, e.g.: tromba] ≠ tornado”, “tornadoes can’t cross rivers”, “20 years ago we had no tornadoes”, “IT’S ALL HAARP”, ect.

Here’s a compilation video showing various European tornadoes that occurred in the past few years:

(though it contains a few mistakes that have been corrected in the description)

Also, here’s a video of the recent Cornwall tornado you mentioned:

Quick weather update for today! (26.06.2023)
This thing is coming my way…

Update 2:
Some time after that small storm visible in the image above passed, this rolled in.

Update (29.07.2023): it seems that the tornado season in Poland is in full swing now…
After the “string” of 4 extremely weak tornadoes[1] occurring every few weeks since May 23, we’ve had 5 confirmed land tornadoes and 1 waterspout in the last 9 days. Two of those tornadoes have already been rated IF1. The worst part is that the number of confirmed tornadoes might increase soon as there’s an ongoing severe weather event rn with one tornado already confirmed.
As for the weather in my location: after the passage of an impressive arcus cloud, it’s been raining for over an hour, though it seems like the rain will stop in about 30 mins.

Update 2: here’s my footage of that arcus cloud:

  1. one of which isn’t even fully confirmed ↩︎