Mod: Googly Eyes for Thrive

Googly Eyes Membrane Replacer

Do you have trouble telling different cell types apart from one another?
Ever felt like the cells around you were lacking in personality?
Or perhaps you simply desire committing grave sin?

Whatever you’re reasons for doing so, you can now make Thrive a bit more familiar and nostalgic with one simple download!

Simply click the link below to download the mod and grant your cells the eyes they deserve!

Zip File (Warning: Instant download)


  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract files and place them into your Thrive mods folder
  3. Run Thrive and navigate to the mod manager
  4. Add mod to your active list and restart Thrive
  5. Enjoy!

Googly eyes is only a texture replacer and should not conflict with anything that does not modify membrane textures.

Please report any errors in this thread.


WHERE IS THE \text{REALISTIC GAMEPLAY} :angry: :rage: :angry: :rage:!!!1111!! now tHRIVE is the same AS SPORE :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium: :belgium:


This is something i must have for some reason

I feel like this will be incompatible with Eyespot Apparatuses when it is added into the game.

Wow, so very realistic.

Doesn’t work… i tried downloading it for the first time when you posted it but the mod didn’t work… Buckly could you fix it please?

Haha yeah I’ll see about it sometime soon.

It’s probably just a minor case of file conflict from recent updates.

True maybe it’s why the mod isn’t working for me when i did put it in the folder so i hope you will update this mod for future versions.

For when I want to feel like a cruel god whose subjects are in unfathomable pain

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