Mod idea: polynucleation mod

this would be a mod that allows the player to add more nuclei once they have a high enough energy production to energy use ratio and once the player has 5 nuclei and clicks a button they enter an editor based off of the early multicellular editor but instead of building cells to put on eachother the player builds factories for compounds or movement modules and each module has one nucleus and a maximum size which can be increased with micronuclei but the player has to add a macronucleus first and the mod gets updated to include every stage once the stage comes out. i would make the mod but i have no idea how the editors and gameplay code work and i have no experience in C# or godot

Yeah I’ll make that mod once late multicellular is more developed

i meant for now just expanding the unicellular stage to where early multicell is at now
@TristanMisja would it be possible for you to make an early multicell version of the mod