Moddable Thrive Files

Moddable Thrive Files

Explanation of what this is

If you want to create thrive mod that changes the file, then you want to use Godot and you need the source code.

But if you try and to download the source code from the GitHub page, you realize that it does not include the Assets. This is just the source code with the assets included, to help people making mods for thrive using godot.

File list:

Thrive v5.0: 185.11 MB file on MEGA
Thrive v5.1.1: 181.99 MB file on MEGA
Thrive v5.2: 182.97 MB file on MEGA
Thrive v5.3.1: 211.47 MB file on MEGA
Thrive v5.4: 217.04 MB file on MEGA


I guess these are useful before a proper modding system is added (which would allow loading extra .pck files that can be made to only contain the actually changed files).

For downloading individual asset files there’s this: