Modding different areas to change light/temp/atmosphere/minerals

I think it would be cool if you could change areas in microbe stage and maybe save and upload changes you made for other people to use and if you really want to make things go crazy, you could push light level past 100% or make the atmosphere 100000% Oxygen, 1000000000% Carbon dioxide and 12% whatever’s left. This area editor tool could be put with the freebuilding tool and even it could work with it too. I think this tool will help devs too, as you can test out new things if they want to expand the environment with more areas or add a mode where a meteor lands and now there’s more iron or anything else it might be useful for. it also could ley pro players challenge themselves and let youtubers make good content.


It should be possible to mod this in, though before the mod loader is finished, the mod needs to entirely replace the Thrive.pck file. I made a tool that can be used to extract and repack .pck files: GitHub - hhyyrylainen/GodotPckTool: Standalone tool for extracting and creating Godot .pck files