Modified, duplicated, and reverted cell does not display reversion in multicellular layout editor

Accidentally modified instead of duplicating cell, duplicated result, and used undo button to revert original; original shows reverted state in cell editor, but not in multicellular layout editor. May or may not be visual glitch.

I didn’t quite get what you are trying to convey. Maybe you can post a screenshot to help us understand the bug?

Are you suggesting that the cell visual is not updated in the layout editor when undoing a change?

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Not only did the layout editor not reflect the reversion, but when I saved changes and resumed play, the affected cells weren’t reverted. The cell editor is the only part of the game that displayed the reversion.

Can you share screenshots or exact steps of what you did? From what you’ve said so far I’m getting the vibe that you undid a change in the cell editor and then managed to exit the cell editor and the entire multicellular editor without that undo action being actually saved?