More accessible compounds (Venting)

This is somethings that has been bothering me massively for a while and it is the ease of obtaining compounds. I can not count how many times I have spawned in an area that is completely devoid of compounds leaving my cell too starve. When that happens it’s not even like there are less because these areas at least according to the game should have more than my previous area. I’ve never been able to progress very far because as soon as my cell becomes remotely complex it starves to death in-between patches of glucose. I really hope that this can be fixed because I’m sick of being spawn killed by the game.

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Each evolution, the amount of Glucose decreases by 90%, so over time less glucose will be present in the environment.

This happens even when I change environment tough. I have entered areas that never had any cells in the first place and I still couldn’t find any glucose. In one of my tries I started feeding on iron because no other cell was taking advantage of it, yet when I entered the cave the iron completely consisted of little points scattered across the map. Not enough even for my basic cell to survive.

The spawn system, responsible for spawning the stuff in the game hence the name, is not exactly great right now. When you start off it causes the player’s immediate surroundings to not have much stuff in them.

There is a started pull request for overhauling the spawn system, sadly the author of that won’t be finishing it (so it is in need of someone else picking it up):

For now you just have to stock up on resources before going to the editor.

Thanks. I just played through a game where I relied on the glucose dropped by dead cells. It was successful and I was able to get the bonding agent. I seem to be fine for now.

here is an idea, when the player spawns, make sure that there are at least 2 clouds reachable on-screen, and one has to be glucose, the other can be any "evolutionary compound(ammonia or phosphate), if not, spawn them regardless of the spawn densitys.