More senses

There are more senses than just 5. Actually humans have 6! (or 7 if you count knowing where your limbs are) We all know taste touch smell sight and hearing, but we also have the sense of vertigo, or orientation, but beyond that, some sharks have six senses to, but its not the same as ours, their sixth sense is reading electromagnetic waves in the water to determine living things from nonliving things, based off of their pulse. I think in thrive you should be able to generate other, more diverse senses, as well as the main 5 (or 6) we know about. Leave thoughts and suggestions below.

I’m pretty sure that more then five senses will be available, but did you know humans have more then six senses? As well as knowing where our limbs are without looking and our sense of orientation, there’s a few more. Like, take touch, it’s really not one sense, it’s a sense of pressure, temperature, and damage. Similarly, taste and smell are the same sense, chemoreception. Though I do prefer splitting them into taste and smell due to the face that they have different purposes and are run on totally different hardware. Probably my favorite alternative sense is actually sight, just not vertebrate sight. Cuttlefish eyes have the most stupidly cephalopod solution to seeing in color, look it up, it’s great.