Mosquito Extinction

Watch this video before continuing onto the thread.

With this news, I for one am excited that we are finally able to terminate those little pests that make summer one of the seasons I dread most.

Discuss how this may affect the environment, or what pros and cons can arise.


Mosquito Mosquitoes!
With the help of Malaria Malaria, the mosquito mosquitoes will spread a fatal disease to each of the mosquitoes, thus killing them!
Step 3: Profit!!!


With mosquitoes gone new species rise snd others fall and could be the end of humanity

They are working on breeding mosquitoes that can’t carry the malaria virus and releasing them to spread that gene, that way the mosquitoes still survive (important food source for some animals) and their bites wont cause malaria.

How about just breeding mosquitoes that don’t sting?

Fun fact:Female mosquito are the one who stings,the male is a pollinator

If you ALL watched the video, we all will have known these.

For some reason I thought that was a picture and just blew past it.

Build a nanobat mini mosquito that finds other mosquito takes blood out of sack (or whatever holds blood) and injects into actual mosquito system.