Multicell prototype

When I spawned in my multi-cellular creature, the multicell spawned inside me, and I wasn’t controlling it. I was controlling the single-cellular version of my creature. When I tried to evolve out of the bug, all phosphate and ammonia I got were not registered.

This is not a bug (except for spawning inside the multi-cellular organism), This is how budding reproduction works. You split off from a fully-grown multicellular organism, and you gather ammonia and phosphate to “grow” the rest of the cells by splitting (This also requires a lot more ammonia and phosphate than just simply reproducing once, so it might seem like the resources you collect are not registered, but it is working as intended. The more cells you put on your organism, the more resources you need to evolve again).

There probably needs to be a tutorial at the start of the multicellular stage just to explain how budding reproduction works for new players though. There’s already an issue about it


You are the third person to report this problem recently. As it only randomly happens it’s probably pretty difficult to fix, but I’ve opened an issue for that as well:

(or maybe it is the related issue I commented on there)