Multicellular Cell Layout not saving peoperly

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I have the Issue that when I edit my cell positions in multicellular the newest added cells are off their position, usually by one or two hexes. If I modify my layout again to fix it the issue comes again and they are again at the same incorrect hexes.
I found this out in freebuilding.

Based on the description this sounds like:

How do I use it? Would you mind explaining?

I linked you an open issue on our GitHub. That means that the bug is not solved, but it is known about. Unless someone volunteers to work on this, it will take years until this is fixed as our official development focus is on the microbe stage. So even being known since 2022 this won’t be fixed anytime soon, our backlog of bugs and new features is absolutely massive compared to how many active programmers we have.

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Oh ok still thanks. I guess I overread that and thought that’s a mod.

I thought this had been fixed in 0.6.4, but started to encounter it myself. It’s definitely not as bad as it was. It seems to occur more as the organism gets larger. I have noticed it when I have fewer than 8 cells, though.

I don’t remember tweaking the core cell positions ↔ full organelle hex layout conversion functions at all since adding them so they should still work as badly or well (if you make generally round shapes with no holes) as they always did.

Oh. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been making rounder colonies than before. :man_shrugging:t4:

When constructing a multicellular organism the placements of the cells in the organism rearrange after exiting the editor and entering new generation. When going back into the editor after finishing the generation, it shows it in a configuration that I did not set.

Welcome to the forum. You’re experiencing the same bug as the rest of us. It’s been an issue for a long time. Hopefully, someone will get it fixed in the near future, as it can really impact on the multicellular stage.