Multicellular organelles?

What are all the possible organelles for the 3d organism stages (and 2d multi)? I can think of things like eyespots and light receptors, along with bioluminescent vacuoles, and muscle ones (IDK the name) so we could have limbs and hearts, and of course neuron parts. But what else could be possible and even needed?

Some of what you described are organelles that are at least conceptually planned for the microbe stage. The other part seems more like tissue types / cell group functions. I don’t think we should overly complicate things by adding a bunch of organelles that are useless in the microbe stage but are required if you want to make a functioning multicellular creature.

I think that the ones for multicellular and aware should unlock after reaching multicellular to remove excess clutter for the cell stage because yeah, they would be useless in the microbe stage.

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