Multicellular stage has extremely low FPS

When I started playing the multicellular stage, my FPS was OK(I can’t see it because of no debugger option). But all of a sudden, when I grow over 10 cells, the FPS gets extremely low, I have the Maximum no. of entities set to the lowest amount(Tiny), and did some other things, but the FPS is still bad. Randomly it gets better, usually right before I have enough materials to go to the editor. I also do not know where to find logs(and I don’t even know if Thrive keeps logs unless the game crashes).

Update: I moved away from the other (things?) (cells?) idk what to call them, but after I did that the FPS got a little bit better

how much RAM do you have? that could be a major contributing factor

RAM should not be a factor (unless it’s like really low at 2 GB, Thrive should right now at most use just a bit over 1 GB or RAM at most). It’s been reported to death already that the game has performance problems when there are a ton of cells or really big colonies existing at once. I’m too lazy right now to dig up all the links about this, so I’ll just give this:

I have 16GB of RAM, also my GPU is a
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, I don’t know if this helps but I am also on windows 11

For Thrive performance currently the CPU is much, much more important than your GPU (as long as you have some dedicated GPU). Like I linked above the game can’t really handle a lot of large cells / colonies which start eating up a ton of CPU processing resources. I’m currently working on performance improvements for the game.