Multicellular stage question (BIG)

Since this game want’s to be as real as it can get what is going to happen when reproduction is worked on? Censoring, Non-Censored or just have the cam look away/get blocked. I think this is a important question to bring up and I think it’s best to have an idea for when the time comes.

I think that censoring could be an option, but since a majority of the players will be making alien creatures with little relation to humans and earth animals we dont need to censor everything.

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theres a thread that was made to discuss that actually
plus theres the quick question thread that you can use to ask about stuff

also multicellular is where you’re basically a worm/sponge/jellyfish
i dont really see why reproduction would need any sort of censoring in this stage

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From the post TeaKing linked

To add onto my old point, this would save time having to work out animations based on where the things are located as the creatures can just remain stationary as no one will see them

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I’ll close this as this is clearly a duplicate thread with an unclear title.