[Multicellular Stage]Upgrade and editor concept

Single cell can be upgrade to choose the way, after become"first gen. organ". need multi select the same type of cell which stay next to each other, to upgrade to a chunk of big organ, if there are neuron between those cells, can be include. add 1.2 efficiency per one cell for that organ.
the whole organ also can get upgrade, after the second upgrade, it can choose to upgrade to Complex organ like an eye ball.this kind of complex organ need a minimum number cells requirement. this require many point, but also can use more low level organ to compensate as a eye ball.
(brain also can build up as this way, if player don’t make a brain, just count the neuron numbers)

neuron system
player can upgrade cells to neuron and next stage to Nerve.Select multiple nerve to link up as a functional nerve.
head and tail neuron stay the same, cell between them change to Axon and all block next to the neuron will connect together(send or receive signal).
use showing function to see the Nerve line.
If player don’t want some kind of automation, neural cell can just use for increase the organ number limit.

Mechanoreceptor will trigger Cnidocyte through Nerve line to shoot automatically.(player still can shoot manually)

upgrade need to match the component it need , player can spent mutate point to add the component which lack.

Digestive organ
Digestive organ will have one side of the Hexagon having a digestive wall. So you can make a stomach it can consume the food next to it. So if you build around a empty area and add a mouth(act like a valve) at the inout point.

select a cell to do Mitosis, it will choose one random empty place to have a Mitosis.(if player want to change the place they need to use move cell function)
Editor should have a move function(spent point) to move cells to give out space for inner cell to Mitosis.
Move function can let player multi select cells and move together. 1 point per 1 cell.

Mutate point
mutate point should change to work like a counter every time player get hurt or gain resource can gain mutate point, 100 mutate point become a basic.

need to think deeper to design a 3D editor
maybe when player reach to a number of organ to unlock 3D editor.


i love the idea that during multicellular you have to design brain cells

also makes sense considering the end goal of multicellular stage is to have a nervous system and a brain in order to become sentient which leads to aware stage and this does add a sense of progression to slowly reach that goal (kinda like the original plans for spore where your brain enlarging was to be something purchased by the player slowly)

I think there should be a way to consume cells but u dont kill the cells like the cell that enveloped a chlroaphil cell and it prduced food for it.

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